Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween............... year because it's been cancelled in TO. We are in a stage 2 level of Covid so it is being encouraged to keep the kiddies home. It's hard to explain to the little ones why they can't trick or treat especially since they all go to school together and they all play on the street together.

Ah well. My son is still going to shell out but not in person. His plan is the put the treats out on the front yard and let the kids take some. I see flaws in his plan though. He doesn't care. He just wants to celebrate Halloween.

Take care and keep safe:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Genealogy Humour or not.....

I mentioned the other day that I was working on my family tree. This is an ongoing project that I started about 20 years ago. Yes it is addicting.

Okay here is your chuckle for today. I have spent a wee bit of time (hours) looking for an Anastasia Ryan born about 1870 in Scotland not realizing I had her record since 2018. I twigged yesterday. LOL Take a look.

Anastasia = Hannah-Stacey!!!


I guess the poor registrar had never run across that forename before and just winged it. It's a very common name in certain parts of Ireland but not in the Scotland of 1870  it seems:)

Take care and keep safe !

Friday, October 23, 2020

I'm still here......

Not much has been happening sewing wise. I've been making masks because people will lose them.

I have spent hours chasing down DNA matches so I can figure out my family tree. I think I'm done with that for awhile except I have a second cousin who is my research mate who keeps on emailing leads. Sigh.

Another thing which is much more exciting is that our house is finally on the market. We moved out in February and now it's October. I know what the heck. However, something called Covid did a number on the housing market. They are now showing our house under strict Covid guidelines. 

So everybody please cross your fingers and say a wee prayer that some one buys our house soon so I can be less stressed.

Take care and keep safe :)  

Friday, August 21, 2020

When In Doubt Get The Glitter Glue Out.........

As requested, I made two more pairs of "Crocs" for my GD's American Doll. I made another pair awhile ago and two days after there was a mishap. The strap on one shoe came off. No worries. It was easily fixed with Aleene's Original Tacky Glue. BUT.

I wasn't too happy at the time with the idea of using eyelets to attached the straps to the shoe. True enough it looked great sorta but it was really only cosmetic. 

The mishap could have happened because the type of eyelet I was using wasn't correct but as far as I know they were the only type sold over the counter in my area. 

See here is where the strap gave way. The eyelet pulled out because a) it might not be the correct type or b) the foam is too soft and stretchy to hold. Don't know but there were tears...GD's and mine :)

This little eyelet has to go through two layers of the craft foam and hold it together? May be if the shoe is sitting in a drawer and not played with.

I really didn't want to have to repair the new shoes later on so I put the eyelets through just the straps like this and the glued the straps to the shoes.


Looks the same to a 10 year old who really doesn't care about the finer points of shoe making. I did get a wee bit carried away with the glue gun on one of the straps. It left an ugly glob of glue and it bothered me. So annoying.

To hide it I covered the blue shoe with a thin layer of blue glitter glue. Sorry you can't see the glitter clearly in the pic but it turned out really pretty. 

So, the point of all this is that if you are planning to make crocs like these beware the eyelet and maybe buy some glitter glue. 

Take care and keep safe :) 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Little Shoes...........

I made some shoes for the GD's Wellie Wisher doll called Willa. The Wellie Wisher is another product from American Doll and in my humble opinion a much much cuter doll.

This is Willa......

And, here are the shoes I made. They are about 2 inches in length. They are fairly easy to make. I used a pattern from Pixie Faire called "Plain Jane Shoes" by Love U Bunches.

Take care and be safe :)