Friday, July 5, 2019


The temperature today was about 29 C with a humidex of 39C. HOT!

Then it started to rain in buckets. When the rain stopped for a few minutes the water steamed off the asphalt road. I decided that it was a good day to stay inside with the air conditioning on....and sew:) .

I made a start on the rag doll. Body, arms and legs. Tomorrow I will stuff her and give her some boots. I'm going to paint them on. I'm thinking black but I also like the idea of red boots. It all depends on what I find in my stash for her clothing.

Take care :)

A Rag Doll with a difference........

Lucky me!!!!

I was recently given a pattern book for some very unique rag dolls. Along with the pattern book I was also given two screen printed faces. One is called the Boudoir Doll and the other is called the Story Book Doll. They are really high quality and beautifully done.

These rag dolls have lots of personality:) The torso construction is pretty unique as well. Inside there are 10 face templates that you can trace onto fabric yourself to make other types of dolls or you can purchase one of the screen printed faces. There are also actual size patterns for the doll clothes as well. Lots of possibilities.

The designer is Gabriel Cardy who is a fellow Canadian. Strangely enough there doesn't seem to be a lot of Canadian cloth doll makers out there. If there are they are pretty silent as far as social media is concerned.

Gabriel does have an Etsy store if anyone is interested..... She is also on Facebook. You can do a search for G Cardy Designs to find her.

I'm going to make the Boudoir doll first. I can think of about a dozen ways I could dress her. The Storybook doll reminds me of Alice in Wonderland but she has a lot of potential for other different ideas.

I'll post a pic of my finished doll. Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Four months old already........

My wee grandson and his family are visiting Ireland at the moment. His sister has made him a "card" for each of his monthly birthdays :)

I haven't asked them yet how he was on the plane. Hopefully he slept all the way. Ha! Ha!

Take care :)

Friday, April 5, 2019

TUSAL for April......

Well it's time for TUSAL. To learn more about TUSAL go here to Daffycat's blog. 

 Here is my ORT jar. Not too much change. A few extra orts since last month.

A bit of a dull day today for taking pictures. We are expecting rain which is much preferable to snow. Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind weather wise here.

Take care:)