Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WIP CQA 2014 - The Four Seasons Wall Hanging.........sorta.

So here I am after a week of not posting anything. The ongoing saga of my foray into crazy quilting. I'm not all that inspired with my first block. I like it and I enjoyed doing it very much but I can't see my next step forward with it. I'm stymied. Stuck at first.

If I commit to a project and it really doesn't make my heart sing then I feel stifled creatively.  I tend to waffle and then I end up not doing anything creative for days on end........even months.

For me this is not a good space to be in. So the best thing I think with this project is to start again. My mistake was that I didn't look at the BIG picture.....the finished piece of work...the four seasons as a cohesive whole.  I can only say that it was because I'm new to this type of project. I have never made a wall hanging in my life or anything even remotely close to being described as a wall hanging......LOL.

So a rethink is required. Hmmmm. Do I make four CQ blocks that somehow flow into each other as seasons do? Is some kind of common element or a crossover element of some sort required?  Maybe when they are put together? Am I wrong about this? Can I even do that with crazy quilting blocks?

I suspect that I may be making this into a difficult task by over thinking it....as I do...frequently.....sigh.

After it's finished will people understand that it's supposed to be the four seasons? Do I care?

To be honest it would be nice to make something that represents what I intend and that people understand and get it. But, lets be honest...it won't happen. It's my first attempt. If I'm happy with it then that's all that matters.

First it has to be started and most importantly finished.

One thing I know. Instead of making four 12 inch squares for my wall hanging I'm going to make smaller blocks. I found it very daunting as a new CQer to cover such a large expanse of space.

I'll be back soon. Stay tuned:)


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grow Your Blog Giveaway Winner.....

I want to thank all of you who came to visit during the Grown Your Blog event.

Also, an extra big thank you to those of you who chose to become a follower:)

As promised today I will reveal the winner of my blog giveaway..........

Click on the above  link and visit her.

Once again thank you everyone. I just wish all of you could win.

Take care:)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm a bit later this week with my post.

Winter lethargy set in me thinks. Snowy but with bright blue skies that make you long for spring.....sigh.

And, I also forgot to recharge my camera:)

Never mind......here is my Winter crazy quilt block. Just a wee bit more work on the motif  in the left hand bottom corner and I think it's done.

Double click to enlarge. 

I've also have been doing a some repairs which I hate....coat zippers. Two of them.....argghh.

One had a 36 inch zipper. I was lucky to find one on Etsy from a Canadian supplier.

The other is a very very bright hot pink. I could not find a replacement and had to make do with a pinky red. Not to worry though. It's for a three year old and if she gets some more wear out of it this winter all the best because next year it won't fit her.

I'm joining up with The Needle & Thread Network and Needlework Tuesday (late again).

Take care:) 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday.....

Not the best day to take pictures inside as we are having fluffy snow again. It's really pretty though. I took this through the window as I couldn't be bothered to put my boots on:)

I'm struggling along with my crazy quilt block for Winter.

A bit over the top........yes I think so too but I'm having fun messing about with it anyway. I need to practice some embroidery stitches before I attempt to use them on the block. A bit rusty there.

Question to any crazy quilters out there......do you use an embroidery hoop or some other device to hold the work taut for embroidery?  I find it very hard not to have some sort of tension. I keep on picking it out in disgust:)

Anyway that's all from me today. I'm linking up with The Needle & Thread Network so come on over and visit.

I'm also linking up with Needlework Tuesday...yes I know it's Wednesday:)  I'm a bit late but I love the wee little mousey.

Tale care:)

Added: Here's one my husband took...the bench is almost buried!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day.....

February 2nd is Groundhog Day. 

A bunch of people gather aroud a hole in the ground waiting for a rodent type creature (aka groundhog, marmot, ground  squirrel, woodchuck) to appear. The lore being that if he sees his shadow he will go back into his burrow and we will get six more weeks of winter.

Apparently the little blighter saw his shadow today and dashed back into his burrow. I think this shadow thingy is just a bunch of malarkey you know. He probably freaks out at seeing all the people milling about. Shock of his life...poor thing.

My backyard this afternoon.

We have been getting quite a bit of snow....nice fat fluffy flakes that cover all the branches like icing. It's pretty and it's deep There is a patio there and steps down. The bird feeder is in the grass pathway below the patio. You can see that the bench on the right is buried up to the seat.

Take care:)