Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WIP CQA 2014 - The Four Seasons Wall Hanging.........sorta.

So here I am after a week of not posting anything. The ongoing saga of my foray into crazy quilting. I'm not all that inspired with my first block. I like it and I enjoyed doing it very much but I can't see my next step forward with it. I'm stymied. Stuck at first.

If I commit to a project and it really doesn't make my heart sing then I feel stifled creatively.  I tend to waffle and then I end up not doing anything creative for days on end........even months.

For me this is not a good space to be in. So the best thing I think with this project is to start again. My mistake was that I didn't look at the BIG picture.....the finished piece of work...the four seasons as a cohesive whole.  I can only say that it was because I'm new to this type of project. I have never made a wall hanging in my life or anything even remotely close to being described as a wall hanging......LOL.

So a rethink is required. Hmmmm. Do I make four CQ blocks that somehow flow into each other as seasons do? Is some kind of common element or a crossover element of some sort required?  Maybe when they are put together? Am I wrong about this? Can I even do that with crazy quilting blocks?

I suspect that I may be making this into a difficult task by over thinking it....as I do...frequently.....sigh.

After it's finished will people understand that it's supposed to be the four seasons? Do I care?

To be honest it would be nice to make something that represents what I intend and that people understand and get it. But, lets be honest...it won't happen. It's my first attempt. If I'm happy with it then that's all that matters.

First it has to be started and most importantly finished.

One thing I know. Instead of making four 12 inch squares for my wall hanging I'm going to make smaller blocks. I found it very daunting as a new CQer to cover such a large expanse of space.

I'll be back soon. Stay tuned:)



  1. Well Mary Ann....all I can say is that I loved your first crazy quilt block and from the glimpse of your second block it really looks good to me. I love the color choices and stitches. I think that whole idea about "Crazy" quilting, in my humble opinion, is just that....crazy. No rhyme or reason...but this does have a theme. But I'm not a quilter, so what do I know???

    OH guess what? I found a NEW online class by Angela Jarecki called "The Traveller" over at Doll Street Dreamers. It will start in April. I will definitely be taking this class, I can't wait!!


  2. The beauty of crazy quilting is the fact that anything goes. Try not to overthink it. Some of us only work on the seams...some ignore the seams and work more pictorally. I think (and you can totally ignore my thoughts!!) if I were doing something that involved the four seasons I would work each of the blocks in colours typical to the season and add decorative elements (ie. snowflake buttons for winter) to each to continue the theme. Another thing you could consider is creating something like a tree as a center and then working the seasons from that base. For instance, summer (leaves) and winter (bare branches) could be the top of the tree with spring (flowers) and fall (colourful leaves) on the 'ground' beneath the tree. Clear as mud?

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean Mary Ann ! I'm having much the same problem here at the moment with my CQJP 2014 blocks :( Whatever I do doesn't seem quite right and as you say ... if it doesn't make my heart sing I don't want to do it. I think you're right and that going back to the beginning and re-thinking the whole thing is a good idea,. However I'm lacking inspiration for my project, but when I first saw your post for your QAL I did think what fun ... you could do a dresden plate pattern divided into 4 segments for the four seasons and the centre circle could be embroidered with Yggdrasil the world tree from Norse mythology. Typical huh ... loads of ideas for other people ... none for my own! Feel free to use the idea if it appeals :) It doesn't help me that I've got a huge desire to make another doll lol I'm going to have to stop reading certain other people's blog *looks pointedly at The Stitch Fiddler*

  4. Hi Mary-Ann. Well I have to say I am with you on the size of the blocks. I found 12" just a little too daunting and have worked my winter block to finish at 9". I loved your block - the colours were nice and chilly/winter and there was masses of pretty stitching. I am going to use one particular fabric in each of the blocks giving it a different treatment each time and then relying on the sashing to tie everything together.

  5. I found the same thing with the blocks I was making in Karen's classes...for the "wrapping cloth". I couldn't get my head around a cloth for starters... and then, I decided I didn't like several of them... so I saved them for something else..I don't know what, but they are "saved".

    You could always give it a thought and begin again if you figure out a way to make it look more like what you had envisioned way back when it all began. If you have lost interest or have no motivation for it anymore.... just quit for now, instead of feeling as though you must continue.... it won't be your usual work if you are doing it just because you feel you have to do it..........

    Start some new smaller blocks or other small things in the meantime if you want to be busy and have fun while waiting for some inspiration regarding the blocks.... maybe they were not meant to reside together ... how about keeping each block separate and yet together as a group? A simple block to mount them? A simple frame for each? A long piece of fabric to mount them all on? ...etc...

  6. I think the advice just to 'let it flow' is probably the best. After all, the theme in an inspiration, not a rigid structure. Just pick the colours you feel for each season and let them dictate the design. It's a huge project you've taken on so the 'one bite at a time' approach probably helps, too, as creative ideas pop up to the surface.

  7. Go with your heart Mary Ann, if you feel that your wall hanging needs a cohesive thread to pull it all together then that's what you should do. I've never attempted a crazy quilt or a wall hanging but if you are feeling stymied then it's time for a rethink (I think :O) And speaking of a cohesive thread, would that be enough to unite your piece? A thread, fiber or fabric used in all four panels? Go create my friend, can't wait to see what you decide to do.

  8. All of these comments are good advice, you do what you want, I'm sure that my end work will be quite different from where we all started on the CQA2014 right?

    Looking forward to it.


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