Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday.....

Not the best day to take pictures inside as we are having fluffy snow again. It's really pretty though. I took this through the window as I couldn't be bothered to put my boots on:)

I'm struggling along with my crazy quilt block for Winter.

A bit over the top........yes I think so too but I'm having fun messing about with it anyway. I need to practice some embroidery stitches before I attempt to use them on the block. A bit rusty there.

Question to any crazy quilters out you use an embroidery hoop or some other device to hold the work taut for embroidery?  I find it very hard not to have some sort of tension. I keep on picking it out in disgust:)

Anyway that's all from me today. I'm linking up with The Needle & Thread Network so come on over and visit.

I'm also linking up with Needlework Tuesday...yes I know it's Wednesday:)  I'm a bit late but I love the wee little mousey.

Tale care:)

Added: Here's one my husband took...the bench is almost buried!


  1. HI MaryAnn, I love your block. not over the top at all. I am planning to add beads and possibly some sequins along with my embroidery. I think it's great. We'll all develop our own style as we go along.

    thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday. I find it very inspiring to visit with like minded bloggers.

  2. At the moment I'm using an embroidery hoop and also a cheap disosable frame. The hoop is ok but I find you need a big one to get your blocks in and this isn't very convenient. The cheap rectangular frame requires you to permanently fix the piece to it until you finish .. again not convennient :( However I am hoping for a set of these for my birthday (sorry I'm not techie enough to be able to post a working link :() I first saw them when SharonB reviewed them on Pintangle
    I never use the wooden rolling frames because they never seem to keep the work tight enough. This is only my personal opinion though.
    Good luck with finding something you like Mary Ann :)

  3. Unbelievably pretty. Kinda seems a shame to add embroidery (ha ha.) You've got some really lovely embellishments. I went out once to shovel and I suppose I should go out again. I've been browsing the dollmakers site - stump doll patterns are on sale this month.

  4. Love the snowy garden and the crazy quilt block is beautiful.

  5. Isn't snow lovely when you don't have to go out in it? I don't think I've been past my door since Monday.
    I love the intricacy of the quilt. Isn't the whole point to add as much detail s possible? It's a crazy quilt, not a normal quilt! I love the pearl leaves out of the rosette flower Everywhere there's something new to see. Can't help you with the embroidery frame, though. My only embroidery hoop got turned into a Christmas wreath...

  6. Your block is gorgeous Mary Ann!! You can keep that snow

  7. I have never done a crazy quilt, but I always use a hoop or frame for handiwork--either embroidery or hand-quilting. I think you can adjust it to give a little tension, but enough to give some movement too.

  8. Your block is looking wonderful! I love all the embellishments (it's my 'thing', as you know).

  9. Your crazy quilting is coming along a treat. Stunning photos of your garden and taking the one of the bench nearly hidden in the snow gives it perspective. Stay safe and warm. We have no snow here just perpetual rain and wind and more rain. Still more to come at the weekend. Hugs mrs a.

  10. I'm not sure you can do too much on these crazy patches but yours is sure classy. Just luscious!!! Yes, we have a number of things buried about the yard including paths back and forth to the coop and the other animals. sheesh!

  11. Looking very pretty and chilly wintry too.

  12. I can see your crazy patchwork is not just coming along, it looks beautiful... Your not getting extra help from little paws ref Mr mousie are you ?
    It really looks great.
    I never use a hoop, but I think working with beads like you are it would help.
    Mary Ann, so sorry about all that snow, want to swap for some pure rain ? Keep safe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. I don't think it's too much, it's ornate and very beautiful.

  14. Hi MaryAnn,
    Your photos are really impressive and I love your crazy block, pretty colours and lovely sequins. I put beads and sequins on lots of my work and always use a hoop where possible. best wishes

  15. Ahhh! Would love some snow here! I find it a great excuse to wrap up and stay indoors (because this being the UK everything normally seizes up once there's more than the slightest of flurries, so you feel you can!) and sew! But as I'm sure you have heard, all we are getting here in Hampshire is rain and gale force winds!


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