Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day.....

February 2nd is Groundhog Day. 

A bunch of people gather aroud a hole in the ground waiting for a rodent type creature (aka groundhog, marmot, ground  squirrel, woodchuck) to appear. The lore being that if he sees his shadow he will go back into his burrow and we will get six more weeks of winter.

Apparently the little blighter saw his shadow today and dashed back into his burrow. I think this shadow thingy is just a bunch of malarkey you know. He probably freaks out at seeing all the people milling about. Shock of his life...poor thing.

My backyard this afternoon.

We have been getting quite a bit of snow....nice fat fluffy flakes that cover all the branches like icing. It's pretty and it's deep There is a patio there and steps down. The bird feeder is in the grass pathway below the patio. You can see that the bench on the right is buried up to the seat.

Take care:) 


  1. Wow that's a lot of snow. It does look's amazing how the little birds and such can survive such cold weather.
    The groundhog thing is funny....makes you wonder if ever he didn't see his shadow???

    Take Care

  2. Hi Mary Ann! that second photo is breathtakingly beautiful. Your snow is so beautiful. Sadly, ours is all gone. thank you for the beautiful photos of yours.

    as someone who loves winter, I hope Mr. Groundhog is right :)))

  3. I don't think it takes some chubby animal to tell us that this weather is gonna be here for some time yet. I think we are grasping at straws for entertainment in February. Scary that the groundhog is "entertainment," isn't it?

  4. Your back yard looks lovely. No snow here most disappointing. Rain nothing but rain with a sunny da yesterday.

  5. Your back yard looks so pretty but then I don't have to live with it. I saw the movie Groundhog day and thought it funny. Does that little groundhog only get one chance at predicting the weather or will he try again tomorrow?

  6. In doesn't matter what the silly little guy says or does .... we know don't we?....we always have at least 6 more weeks of winter ... and plenty more than that even... ..... it won't be warm or snow free til May around here ....

  7. Brrr! You and me both! However, it does give me the excuse to stay at home and sit on the sofa and make dolls! So, it's not all bad.

  8. Darn rodent, the last thing we need is 6 more weeks of winter! Lots of snow in your neck of the woods, it's cold here but forecasting snow to start tomorrow until ... um... March?! Yikes! Deb

  9. I am catching up on your blog and it looks like winter over here too! I think you have had worse weather East than we have had West. Let us hope spring is not far around the corner for both of us!
    Keep warm!
    Hope you had a happy Valentines Day!
    xo Catherine


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