Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summertime and the living is easy......and hot.......

Hmmmm......Smokey is lying by the back screen door waiting to go out.....:) Maybe later.

Outside my sewing room window it is hazy and hot...not a breeze.......

Some cloud gathering but no rain in sight....sigh. My roses are doing well but because of the heat they aren't lasting very long. I'll enjoy them while I can.

And, maybe do some embroidery. Here's a cute freebie for you gnome lovers out there.....it comes in three sizes.........from feeling stitchy.

Take care:)


  1. Smokey is gorgeous, must be so hot in his furr coat!! It's been very wet here, wish we had some of your sunshine,. Such beautiful roses xx

  2. I didn't realise it got so hot in Canada, I thought it would be cooler than here in Summer.

  3. Oh, dang it is HOT here! All of us are laying around like Smokey. It isn't pretty.

  4. I HATE this heat......really I do, it makes everyone so miserable including me....

    Trying to stay cool here outside the city,


  5. Yup..... been hanging out looking somewhat like Smokey on a day or two the past week....up to +33C the other day....whew..... but.... we don't dare complain, because ya just know before long it will be cold and snowy and I won't be happy then.....our summers are too short. But. one does wonder why there can't be some happy medium....it seems it's either -33C or +33C...and neither is too pleasant......sigh......

  6. Lovin' kitty belly up! Well, when it's so hot out, what else can you do. Except perhaps belly up by the air conditioning! :)

    I hope you are keeping cool over here Mary Ann!
    xo Catherine


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