Friday, July 22, 2011

Leafy runner......

Well I'm still here:) I didn't melt away with heat despite the fact that at one point the humidex was 51C which converted is 123.8F. I went outside for a moment and it was like opening the oven and getting in. Nothing was moving except later at dinner time we saw a little rabbit bopping about the backyard. It even came up the steps close to our back door and very close to my lettuce plants. It did eat some of our marigold leaves and I saw it eat some dandelion leaves. Munch, munch:) 

So, I stayed inside with the A/C at high and roamed about the internet. I saw this table runner over at Martha Stewart's site. It is so easy to make if you use her template and store bought bias tape. My mum taught me to make my own bias and I personally think it makes a more professional finish but it does take a lot of fabric.

I was thinking about making a template for a holly leaf and making one for Christmas. It would make a nice gift. But, then I had a think and putting bias on that kind of shape could get messy. I'll have to experiment with it I guess:)

Take care:)


  1. beautiful table runner, thank you for sharing!
    and hug from chilly Van (C19-21)

  2. Hi Mary Ann, isn't this nuts, this heat is unbearable!! I hope it breaks soon i have a couple of back to back shows and people don't come out and shop in this heat & i know what you mean i went out to get the mail yesterday and it was like opening an oven door. Here in Windsor i heard it was the hottest spot in the country and i'm just spending a lot of time in the stuidio staying cool! Stay cool too my dear!
    ttfn Lana >^.^<

  3. What a lovely table runner.
    Have I nice weekend, Marjon.

  4. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment! Your table runner is so pretty:)

  5. I know how you feel! It has been over 100* here for 17 days, and looks to stay the same all next week too :S I'm going a little batty! :O

    This table runner is wonderful! and you're right, it would be so pretty as a holiday decoration! even for autumn, too, with orange and red leaves :)

  6. What a nice spot to visit! I'm glad I followed your link in stats to see who you were. Very nice story about the table runner idea. And I could just imagine one all in autumnal colors as well as one like you have suggested.
    Enjoy your "salad days," rabbit and all! ;)

  7. This morning's surprise of your Follow over breakfast is a delight!
    Thank You so much for "signing on" with us, as it were.
    Love your happy little mouse family. NAd they do enjoy sewing notions, don't they? :)


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