Saturday, February 26, 2011


No. I haven't joined a gospel choir...........yet.

It was announced yesterday that they are releasing the Scottish census for 1911 on April 5, 2011. This is huge for those of us that are doing research in Scotland. It's totally huge for me. I'm so excited. I may finally find out something about my grandmother Mary Bradley nee McBride.

Mary McBride was born in Philadelphia in 1890. Daughter of John McBride and Annie Murphy. Good Irish stock. Annie, my great grandmother, died 4 months after her daughter's birth.

Then sometime after her birth, my grandmother was shipped off to Ireland to be looked after by family there. My great grandfather then disappeared off the family radar.  The family lore is that he went off to the gold mines to make his fortune....right:(

In 1904, when my grandmother (Mary McBride) was 14, she accompanied her aunt Mary McBride back to Philadelphia. For what reason? Who knows. She stayed there until 1908 and then went back to Britain arriving in Glasgow. The trail goes cold for me there until February 14, 1911 when she married my grandfather Henry Bradley.

Yes...they were married on St Valentines Day at St Francis in Glasgow. The church was purported to have a relic of St Valentine.......I often wonder if that's why they chose that church and that day to get married:)

I know all this information because of many hours of trolling through pages and pages and pages of on line records.

You know.......I wish I could be one of those people on "Who Do You Think You Are?"......Gee......imagine having all that help and flying here and there and finding your family in an hour......sigh.
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  1. Interesting stuff! I too would like 'Who Do You Think You Are' to help me out with some mysteries in my family tree that I can't solve myself. I toyed with the idea of writing to the BBC to demand they do some non-celebs! Good luck when they release the data!

  2. When we get pur census, going to play cool and put Religion Jedi, as most did ten years ago.
    :-) my word that mouse works hard :-) x x x

  3. My husband is into tracing his roots and so I know how exciting it is!


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