Friday, February 25, 2011

The Colour Purple

On my bulletin board I have a faded says..."Want to be more creative? Look at something purple: color studies show it activates our right brain, stimulating new ideas!"

I'm beginning to think that this is very true for me in particular. I used to have lots of purple around me but lately not so much and as I haven't been very creative lately, I've been thinking that maybe I need more purple in my life:)

I do have my purple Eeyore mug......

and, my purple pincushion....

But, I guess I need more........:)

I was looking for purple things and found this cutie.

Do you remember Sunbonnet Sue?  Some of the old patterns are here.

Take care:)

p.s. I have decided to take the 100 HDC off the blog record because it was making me unhappy:( Don't worry I'll still do it but silently.....


  1. Awhile ago, I took the challenge to post every day for a month and it was CRAZY! I can't even imagine 100!! Ugh. I guess you have to be creative--really creative! :)

    Keep going!!!

  2. Ah Purple.The Royal colour. Love purple myself!!Maybe there is something in it?
    I have been making myself sew in blue for the past few days! Blue is not a colour that gets me leaping for joy!!

  3. Beautiful photo's and a great story about your heritage! I do hope you're able to find what you're looking for :)


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