Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is it spring yet?

Ya gotta love Deva....look at her......always looking for mischief:)
You'll be glad to know that she finally got on top of the boxes.......hmmmm
I've posted the picture below before but it's one of my favourites of her....what a serious face..... that's her......she always has an agenda and a ya Dev:)

Now........on to an important announcement......ahem.....

When I first started blogging I said that I would have a giveaway when I reached 25 followers. Lo and behold as of today I have 26.

Thank you lovely people........:)

Since a few of you seem to like my mice, I thought I'd offer one just like my avatar as the that a good idea??

She is made of felt and is about 5 inches tall. She has a shawl to keep her cozy and a little shopping basket.

The deal is that anyone who leaves a comment on any post up to and including March 5th will be eligible.

So leave a comment if you'd like a chance to win a little mouse. I will pick one winner and post their name on March 6, 2011.

Take care.

p.s. You don't have to be a follower to enter:)......just leave a comment on any post during the draw period.


  1. Well you know I love me some photos of kitty cats! And this on is a sweetie pie!

    Congratulations on reaching your goal. I would love to be entered into the draw for your give-a-way! Such a cute little mouse. Adorable!!! And, would it help you to draw my name if I told you March 5th was my birthday??? :)

    Happy Evening!
    xo Catherine

  2. OH, I LOVE that picture! It is priceless!

  3. I'm a Cat Person yours.Cats can be so sweet one minute..then whammo..mood change.
    Love your sweet little mice. am half way through making some mice, it would be so cute for one of yours to join mine.

  4. I love cats also..When ever I see a cat sitting in a window, I feel all warm and cozy inside. Your kitty looks so cute.. I love your adorable little mice...and would be happy to be included in your drawing..

  5. You know Frank would love that little mouse. He would, but he wouldn't get it. I would love it too. :-) I'm sure that little guy would love to sit in the cottage Window with the cottage bear :-)
    I have a feeling, you will have many more bloggers who will follow :-) Going to put your giveaway on Soggibottom's sidebar.
    Soggibottom has some great followers, think some also like mice :-)xxx

  6. Please count me in for your draw, your mouse is adorable! :)

  7. eeeekk....thank goodness I came by today..... I would have really been kicking myself if I'd missed an opportunity to own one of your sweet little mousies!! Pick me...pick me! C'mon me lucky bunny foot.... (rubbing it firmly)....

    Cats eh?. A constant source of entertainment...and such antics....they seem always to be into or on something. My sister has several and I love to visit just to get my cat fix. Although, she lives 8 hours not often do I go. I used to have cats, but, haven't for years now.... so I love seeing cats on blogs. We used to have a stripey just like this one when we were kids.... of course that was a reeeellly long time ago. She was pretty special. Lived to be 22.... I still dream about her on occasion....

  8. Dev looks darling and not at all mischievious. My Bun Bun has been known to clamber up trees and not be able to get down

  9. I love the mouse I love all craft mice so very cute, hugs, Linda

  10. Hi I'm coming to join in via Soggibottom cottage blog! (Thanks Midge) I think she maybe right ablout having more followers!

  11. The mice you make are so cute! I just love them. I would love to win one.

    Do you know where there are some instructions on how to make them?

  12. She's like Fingermouse! Do you remember him, or in fact know who he is? A British childrens' tv programme from the 80s and possibly the 70s...I loved it!

  13. How adorable! Count me in! I would love to give this little mouse a new home! Love homemade little mice!


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