Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My First Issue With English Paper Piecing........

I started doing the sewing for the EPP project that I mentioned in my last post and I came across my first problem.

I was doing EPP diamond shapes and when I got to the pointy end I wondered what the heck do I do with the excess fabric.

I Googled and found these instructions.

English Paper Piecing Instructions For Using Diamonds

I'm sure there are other ways of handling the problem but this seemed the easiest.

I'm quite liking the whole EPP process. It could become addictive.

Take care:) 


  1. I never liked paper piecing. Too much flipping back and forth, I guess. It does have a lovely effect though.

  2. I like making hexies. Its a nice way to stitch while you watch TV and to use scraps. I never made any diamonds, but I bookmarked the link in case I ever do.
    xx, Carol

  3. EPP is a wonderful thing. I like that it's so portable. You can pop a few pieces in your purse and work on them whenever you have a few minutes. I dream of one day making a Grandmother's Flower Garden project...when I manage to find the time!!

  4. It's on my lengthy list of things to try and I always appreciate new tips.

  5. Exactly the right way to deal with diamonds. Enjoy your EPP experience. This coming Tuesday should be Anthea's EPP link up so I hope you will join in. Let me know if you need her detils. xx

  6. I'll never know what problem it was you encountered Mary Ann as I will never have the patience to give it a try LOL! Good luck with your course and hope you don't run into anymore issues;O) Deb xo


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