Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crochet a String of Hearts...........

A friend sent me this link to crochet a string of hearts. She thought it might be used for a crazy quilting seam treatment. The video is in Russian but I think it's easy enough to follow.

There is supposedly an English version on their website but I wasn't able to find it but did find some other interesting things:)

She-Ru Knitting and Crochet


  1. These are lovely and really easy to crochet, thanks for the video, must use these .

  2. oooh - these are pretty!! Definitely would be perfect in crazy quilting applications.

  3. that is really pretty and looks easy enough to do after a few attempts.

  4. Oh thank you for the link. I really love this heart chain.
    xx, Carol

  5. They're so pretty. Thanks for sharing the link.

  6. Lovely! I never could quite get the hang of crocheting but my MIL is a whiz, I'll show her your link. Deb xo


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