Thursday, August 21, 2014

Intermediate Class Crazy Quilting.....Tasks 1 and 2 completed and Task 3 in progress

I'm SO behind in my CQ class. I have a lot to catch up on so I better get my act together....eeeek!!!

Task #1 Colour and how to use it

Kathy gave us a mini course on colour. Very very interesting. Here is what I showed the class after reading the material she provided.

Photo 1: Using  A Focal/Focus Fabric
I often use this method when choosing fabrics in my doll making. The selection below is for a doll I'm making at the moment. The focus fabric in the middle is her body and I've gathered fabrics and trims to compliment that fabric. I won't use all of them of course:)

Photo 2: Using Colour Schemes
I chose the Monochromatic Scheme. The colour and texture of the fabrics appealed to me.

 Photo 3: My Personal Choice
I love autumn colours...shades of the forest:) I tend to use lots of rusts, greens, browns and such in my creations.

Task #2 Piecing:

Here are my three blocks that I'll be working on.

The first one is just random pieces of fabric......

I'm not in love with this block. It verges on ugly but I will stick with it:)

The second has a "silkie" in the middle. I really had some trouble getting the picture that we were given to print dark enough. I have a new cartridge so that wasn't the problem. Not to worry. This is really only a practice block to learn new skills.

 The third is a bit more formal in style. A traditional Fan block.

Task #3  Trees: 

So next I have to do two types of trees. A twisted tree that I have decided to put up the side of block one. I'm going to use rusty brown chenille for the tree trunk.

What an artiste...hee get the idea I hope:)
I also have some silk leaves to use on my tree...

and.....I will be doing an embroidered tree on block two.

Kathy suggested that I do my tree in the upper right hand corner in whites, pinks and silver. As soon as I finish both of them I'll post pictures so you can see how I did.

Did I say I was behind in this class?......eeeek.......LOL

Take care.


  1. Apparently, you are not the only one. Kathy offered the intermediate class to the beginners since she said "The Intermediate Class is moving at a mixed pace...with about half of the students still near the very beginning."
    What is the doll that you are making?

  2. I haven't done any quilting in such a long long time. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms looking at yours. I like your autumn leaves sample. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. What a lot of work. Looking great and I look forward to seeing how your blocks progress. x

  4. What a delight to see all the chosen fabrics and the different block styles. Interesting projects here with the trees. I will be watching your always amaze me with your talents.

  5. Your blocks look great! I'm wondering if the 'issue' you're having with the first block is because of the long seam at the bottom...maybe if you angled another piece of fabric onto the lower right corner to break it up a little? I'm sure Kathy could give you better suggestions and I'm willing to bet that once you get the embellishments done you will like it a lot more.

  6. There are several who are about the same place you are. Don't rush take your time. I am sure Kathy would/will say the same thing.

  7. Looks like you're having fun! I'm enjoying watching it all progress....and btw, I like the "ugly" one best! Those are my kinds of colors too :)

  8. Well you don't look too behind to me, looks like you've been sewing up a storm! Can't wait to see where you go with your CQ blocks Mary Ann.

  9. I was a little distracted by the gorgeous fabrics you chose for the back to the crazy quilt blocks. I'm glad you're sticking with your so called "ugly" block. I know what a little embellishment can do for me (yes, I meant me!). I'm sure you'll find the same with the block. This looks like an in-depth and very fast paced class. I'll enjoy watching your progress.

  10. A lot of pretty fabrics. Interesting to follow your progress.


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