Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Personal Note......

I don't often talk about personal stuff on here because it isn't my thing but a recent occurrence really made want to share something that happened to me.

I don't know why or what triggered a sudden influx of letters addressed to me directly about Endometrial or Uterine cancer. It might be my age and the fact that effective January 1st, 2015 I officially become a senior citizen...according to the government that is:) I sort of ignored the letters and tossed them out.

After about the sixth one I did a wee bit of research and discovered that the most common age for this type of cancer to occur was between 60 and 70 years of age.

I asked my family doctor to send me to a specialist. That was in June.

You've guessed it......I had a problem. The doctor told me that he was very happy that I went to see him when I did. A biopsy was done and then the real hard part. I had to wait three weeks to find out the results.

The tests came back negative.....sigh of relief. I was very very lucky.

It wasn't over for me yet though. There was a benign polyp that needed to be removed. I had that surgery yesterday. So from now on my condition will have to be monitored. That's okay. I don't mind a bit.

So what I want to say to you all is go and get tested for cancer no matter what age you are. I was very blase about the whole issue but not anymore. It really came home to me about how very fragile we are.

Take care:)


  1. Good for you and I'm glad things turned out well. One should always take one's health seriously.

  2. wow, good that you talked with your doctor . Mine will call and tell me when I am due for checkups and she'll insist on making the appoint while she has me on the phone. I don't like to be put on the spot, but some times, that's what it takes to get me moving and she really is right. We have to be our own advocates for our health.

    Take care.

  3. My doctor tries to stay on top of things with me. I have had a lot of serious health issues over the last few years so... I am monitored every 3 months soon to go to every 6 months. It is a pain at times but if the cancer comes back they want to be on top of it so I just grin and bear it.

  4. I'm glad you had good news. I'm pretty good about taking care of my health--getting all the routine tests and stuff. I had a friend who did not get his colonoscopy at 50 and now he has colon cancer. It's not good. He went too late.

  5. I would say all those notices in the mail were trying to tell you something. I'm a firm believer in trying not to ignore obvious 'hints' like that because it's always amazing how often those hints were more than that. Thank goodness you got checked and thank goodness there's nothing serious and that you will continue to be monitored.

  6. I'm so glad this was good news for you. It was a good thing you kept getting those reminders!

    BTW: The next "mail" to come will be regarding hearing aides..LOL

    And don't forget to ask for your senior citizen discount!
    xx, Carol

  7. Mary Ann, so thankful to hear that you are OK and sending healing energy that you recover quickly from having the polyp removed. It is too true that we always think that cancer only affects other people and don't pursue the screening tests that we should (especially as we get on in years!) Thanks for the reminder and take care of yourself!

  8. I'm glad to hear that your ok. Just be a huge relief to you. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. A heads up like this is really informative so thank you and Im so thrilled that you've had a negative result.

  10. Great post Mary Ann and worth reading by all. Fortunately here in France prevention seems to be the thing. I have been here since I was 40 and have have regular tests that I would not have had in UK. Pleased to hear that all is well for you and hope that it remains that way. xx

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  12. I'm glad you took a trip to the doctors office and that you are doing well. I think most of us ladies find it hard to face life's changes. Sad to say this is what happened to my dad. He had a cancerous tumor that kept getting larger and larger until I stepped in and called his doctor and had him taken to the ER. The tumor grew to the size of a large football and he only had 34 days before he passed away (2 days before Father's Day). The whole thing was quite devastating.

    So I'm very glad you took a trip to the doctors and had the test performed. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Take Care of yourself.

  13. Thank you for sharing your story and I'm so glad it turned out to be benign. I found a lump on my breast last year and it turned out benign, as well. We really need to take the initiative with our own health and get checked. Some of these types of cancers can be fixed if they're caught early. I hope you have a quick recovery from your surgery.


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