Thursday, July 24, 2014

Very weird:(

Has this happened to anyone?

I had lost my blog list on my sidebar months ago. No idea why or how. One day day gone???

I still have a blog list I can follow on the Blogger dashboard but some days it won't appear and it gives me stupid error messages which is annoying.

Today I decided to start a new one on my blog sidebar so I added a blog on to the new list and suddenly a whole list of other blogs appeared. Freaked me out which isn't hard...ha ha.

Now some of these blogs are ones that I follow......but here is the weird bit......there are some I've never heard of and have never followed.

Hmmm...some of the blogs I follow are missing!

Eeeek.....cue Twilight Zone music......LOL

Bizarre or what.

I'll leave it for a bit and see what happens.

Take care:) 


  1. oh, yeh.... weird things have happened to my list of blogs too...and after much fiddling around.. and doing the same things over and over ...sometimes I find a button I haven't hit before and lo and behold... something I can use shows up.... or I figure out a new way to access something... sorry I'm not tech savvy enough to explain anything .... I suppose even a short course could help me with what little I bother with in the 'net...

  2. Hi Maryann,

    yes sometimes mine are missing too, strange!!
    Hope you are doing well!!

  3. Maryann, Blogger is an enigma.~lol~
    When you go to your dashboard, if blogger tells you that you are not following any blogs, go to the refresh button next to your address bar. It's right next to the little house. Sometimes I have to refresh a couple of times but it always appears. Blogger is so unpredictable that I have begun adding my blog list to blog lovin' also, just incase Blogger decides to delete the blog roll.

    I never had the list on my blog disappear. Sadly, I don't keep that up to date anyway.
    xx, Carol

  4. My blog list on my sidebar has never been messed with other than sometimes when someone makes a new post it will not update.....So when a blog has been quiet for awhile and i go to investigate i find i have missed several posts...go figure... Now the blog list under Dashboard goes wonky once in awhile... sometimes it won't come up at all and for a while there it would only give me one at a time.... GGrrrrr...wish things would just work! Hang in there......blogger does eventually tend to work itself out.....Hugs! deb

  5. Thought the weird computer issues only happened to me, but Internet is full of people voicing blogger disappearing acts.

  6. Very strange! One thing I've noticed is that sometimes I'm not getting notification of new blog posts and suddenly wake up to the fact that I haven't heard from someone in awhile and discover that they've been posting, but it's never gotten to me.

  7. Yep, I get the same thing. I cannot delete blogs that I don't follow anymore. Then only one blog will show up...or none at all.

    I just make sure I bookmark the blogs that I follow on bloglovin' or in my bookmarks. I don't trust blogger anymore.

    Make sure you back up your blog to your computer every so often too.

  8. I think we all seem to suffer from the same problems - Magpie, I have that problem too. But, as far as I can tell, the blogs I follow via bloglovin always seem to appear. No doubt we shall never understand! xx

  9. Very strange Mary Ann, I've never had that happen. The blog reading list on the dashboard page often doesn't show up, but my 'favourite blogs' list has never disappeared from my blog. I actually follow everyone through Bloglovin now, just in case Blogger decides to go totally postal!


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