Thursday, December 12, 2013


Snow crystals under an electron microscope.....

And even more wonderful

Snowflake Photography Detail of Crystal Pattern

I'm trying to stay in a positive mind frame about snow......I'm not sure if it's working.

Take care.


  1. Wow the Snow Crystals are gorgeous. I have to say I just love snow. I grew up in Sacramento California and it snowed only once during those years. During the Holidays our family would take a trip in our little white Valiant Automobile and head for Lake Tahoe. We would play in the snow and my dad would chop down an Evergreen Tree and put it on top of that little old car. I guess it's these wonderful memories that makes the snow so special.
    I hope the beauty of the snow crystals will lift your spirits.

    Take Care

  2. Oh please, please, please send ME a few million tons of your snow! I will be more than happy to take it off of your hands, your roof, your driveway, wherever!!! I am praying for snow, and I wonder if God cares about such small things :)

  3. Those are incredible!

    Snow is gonna be here whether we like it or not. I guess you have to have the mindset to see the beauty in it.

    Me, I like snow. I don't like the muddy mess that it is in March and April, but December snow is really pretty.

  4. So beautiful, what amazing pictures! Are you getting snowed under Mary Ann? We've had our fair share these last few days as well, it does put you in the Christmas spirit if nothing else! Stay warm and hope you get dug out soon, Deb

  5. I'm not a lover of snow either, but wouldn't that second picture make beautiful Christmas cards? It's hard to believe that each snowflake is so incredibly full of detail.

  6. Snow means hot chocolate is a calorie-free drink! Everyone knows that! Let it snow!


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