Thursday, July 4, 2013

Some Garden Pics....

My son took some pictures in our garden that I thought I'd share:)

With all the rain we have been having lately the garden is going crazy....

 The roses are a bit battered by the rain but still beautiful...

The bees just love the St. John's wort....look at how much pollen that bee is carrying. Sheesh.

Our weather is so unpredictable these moment your sweltering and the next your cold.

This is my granddaughter wearing my sweater to keep's a bit big for her....LOL

Some things are more interesting than flowers....specially cats named Deva:)

Have a good day:)


  1. Love your flowers, and Deva is cute.I remember seeing Deva hiding in your bushes with her tail poking out!hehe.

  2. Your garden is obviously lovin' the rain ... gorgeous !
    I have a lot of weeds grown; in my garden !


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