Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where's Daniel Boone When You Need Him???

My son took some pictures last night through the kitchen window. I guess Rocky doesn't know he's nocturnal because he keeps showing up before it's dark.

He's very cute but boy what a pain. He dug up some of my flowers:(

He's stealing my worms!!!!


He has just noticed us.....

He gave us a dirty look and then waddled away..... not a care in the world.

This could be you Rocky!!!!

Only kidding:)

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  1. I used to think they were cute until they totally ransacked my pond one summer. Ugh. That was NOT fun. We had to trap them and have them taken away to Happy Raccoon Village. I hope your guy behaves himself.

  2. Cute, I want one. Don't tell anyone but I'm in the middle of a bit of a rat plague just now.

  3. What an adorable little bandit! It's a shame they can be so destructive.

  4. and what a bunch of great shots your son got of him! So fluffy and cute ..... I hope he just stops by for a few flowers and worms and behaves himself too.... then he can hang out and just be your buddy..... instead of your new chapeau....

  5. They are so adorable, just look at that face! But they can be very dangerous too, make sure your kitties don't have a run in with Rocky, I've seen the damage racoons can do to family pets :O( Deb

  6. Rocky LOOKS a right fun loving rouge, all cute and cuddly, but I guess that's deceiving, if he is going through worms like there is no tomorrow. Hey, they belong to the mouse anyway... Lovely to see him, cos yep, we don't have them over here :-) x x x well, we have a Frankie de tabby, if he brushes past a white wall while we are painting it. x

  7. Raccoons are terribly cute aren't they? But I know they can be dangerous and destructive. It would be easier to get mad at them if they weren't so darn cute. LOL!
    xo Catherine

  8. Oh the tales I could tell about the Racooon gangs around here! Just hope there are no chickens or ducks in your neighborhood. Those cute faces are just a ruse, for what lies beneath is a sneaky,dastardly lil varmint!

  9. Aww! I love the look he gives when he's rumbled! I still think of raccoons as exotic and foreign. When I was a kid in the UK I only ever saw them on the telly.

  10. Great photos of your visitor ... wish they were as cuddly as they look !


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