Friday, May 10, 2013

I Won A Giveaway.....

I was very lucky to win some lovely hand dyed threads from Lorraine Stobie over at Creative Daily,

I used my Ott-Lite to take a picture as it is bucketing rain here at the moment:)

way too dark:(
I really couldn't get a good picture of the colour mixes....go over can really see the lovely colours much better.

This was a very timely win as I'm just starting to learn how to do Crazy Quilting and I'm also taking a course with Sharon Boggon of called "Sumptuous Surface Embroidery".

The thing is though.....they are so pretty so I may just look at them for awhile before I use them....LOL

I'm really having a lucky streak at the moment. I also won another lovely giveaway but I'll save that for another day:)

Take care. 


  1. Thank you SO much for posting Mary Ann. Am delighted you are happy with them. USE them!!! Don't forget to share what you create. I had someone mention at one point on my Etsy that they like to use them for dolls eyes!

  2. I wanna see what you make with them! Congrats on the big win! :)

  3. You, my dear....are a serial winner!

  4. Lovely skeins, congrats on your win and you are taking another course now? You are super woman! Deb


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