Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I bought a new book....

I've decided that I know absolutely zero about crazy quilting. I have looked at various blogs and videos and such but I still think that maybe I need a bit more I bought this.....

Allie Aller's "Crazy Quilting"

Specially if I was going to do this doll any justice......
I have moved bits of fabric around here and there and yuck....I have definitely missed the plot somewhere...LOL  I hate wasting lovely fabrics so I decided that before I do it anymore I needed to get more help.

I had seen Allie's work in the past and liked what I saw and then I found her blog......Allie's In Stitches.

It would be fun to take a workshop with her but the book looks pretty good too.

It arrived today:)

It's a very wet day....April showers....a perfect day to cuddle up with a lovely new book.


  1. I love the look of crazy quilting but have never been brave enough to try it. I look forward to seeing your results.

  2. I snickered a little when I read this, because I too have been playing around with the idea of crazy quilting recently only to find out that it is a lot more difficult than it looks! Turns out you can't just shlop (my word) a bunch of different fabrics together and make it look good. I think I need to take a look at that book.

  3. I guess it is kind of like collage? I've never tried it and I think that although it LOOKS easy, there is a true art to it (like most things in life!) Good luck and off to check out Allie's blog :O)

  4. Allie's book is great for piecing ideas. Her freezer paper method is great for when you want to place fabrics specifically and piece with minimal waste. I like that method since increasingly I'm using more and more precious materials.

    Let me know if I can be of any help...


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