Friday, November 30, 2012

More Monthly Makes for November...

Since today is the last day in November I thought I'd squeak in a few more Monthly Makes. I made a couple more Christmas tree ornaments.

My version of a Blue Jay...

 and, a Chickadee...sorta...

After struggling to make patterns for the felt birds I've made so far, I then discovered Downeast Thunder Farms.

Ah well....I enjoyed the challenge but sometimes it's nice when someone does the work for you:)

I borrowed the idea for a Christmas Dove from Downeast Thunder Farm. I changed the pattern a bit by making the back wing a separate piece. Susan has a ton of bird patterns and all of them are so simple to make:)

Gingermelon Dolls has posted a free Santa pattern on her blog that is adorable....I'm definitely going to make some. 


I have a few more felt decorations in the works which I will share next time.

Take care:)


  1. Oh, these are GREAT! The birds are beautiful. :)

  2. The chickadee and the bluejay are very realistic, are they made out of felt or fabric. Love them both.

  3. Your birds are adorable. I love the dove. Thanks for the links. Off to have a look. The Santa looks good too. Hugs Mrs a.

  4. I love the dove. Thanks for the link to Gingermelon I have not been there before.

  5. LOVE your birds, and the little Santa is very cute. I've been wanting to make some birds too. Thanks for the link :)

  6. You changed your blog background! It's beautiful. I love the birds and I love your bird ornaments. I went back to see what I've missed while I've been away.....Your granddaughter is adorable!

  7. These are wonderful tree ornaments. I like seeing bird decorations at Christmas time.

  8. the birds are really nice! I was thinking of doing felt ornaments but then changed to crochet...

  9. These are really sweet. I love the chickadee and the dove. Are these going on the low branches to be touchy-feely for Grandaughter?


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