Friday, July 13, 2012

Textile art - creating new surfaces using fabric scraps

So after I found out all about yo-yos and puffs I did a bit more searching and I found this video...

I have lots of little bits of fabric as my mum taught me by example never to throw any fabric away no matter how small and insignificant a bit. She had a lot of sayings one being "waste not, want not". She used bits as trim on aprons and pillows and anything and everything. She really liked to make her own buttons too.

So I looked for some bits that were sort of coordinated but really I was looking for the smallest pieces I had.


I had two pieces of muslin about 14 in x 15 in that I used for the backing and just randomly placed the bits to cover the muslin.

I didn't have any organza but I did have some scraps of bridal tulle so I used that instead. Then I randomly stitched here and there both ways. Anyone who is a whiz at FMQ would be able to make a lovely pattern but as I was just experimenting I did any old thing. My goal was to make sure the bits were anchored down.

The did tone down the colours of the fabrics but I now have two very sturdy  pieces of fabric to make something with....maybe a pillow for my sewing room:)

I added some odd pieces of fiber threads

Would I do this again...absolutely. I can see all kinds of uses for this idea. I have box of bridal tulle and crinoline netting in pale mint green from my DIL's prom dress and I have been wondering what to do make with it....hmmmm:)

Take care.


  1. Hi Mary Ann, I've done this and then cut the fabric out i.e. into shapes - hearts being the obvious, then appliqued them onto things. A great effect and using all the lovely little bits that you just can't bear to throw away.

    Have fun!


  2. Hi Mary Ann, this is pure genius. Just got to have a go doing this. I have a box load of netting from when I used to make the costumes for the Ballet School I co-owned years ago. Scraps of fabric I have a plenty. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. This is lovely and I love the burn back technique. I wonder if it would work with a coarse net, so more of the fabric would show through? Looks like it would make some lovely hard-wearing cushions.

    I've had a particular tutorial for fairy wings that starts out this way.

    I'd like to try it for a mermaid's tail. The site also has a tutorial for making raggy fairy skirts.

  4. I have made fabric using this method. It meant I could use tiny snips of scraps that normally would get binned. Nothing gets thrown now and I have poly bags full of pieces of varying sizes.


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