Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sewing Fabric Yo-Yos and Suffolk Puffs....

I don't know about the rest of you but I seem to have lots of little scraps of fabric that I don't want to throw away. I was looking around for an easy project to use these bits up that I could do while watching TV or listening to the radio or even sitting outside on the deck. I've also noticed recently that yo-yo puffs or Suffolk puffs have had a revival of late so....

I found this idea on Free Projects - Sewing Projects. It's a PDF but I have copyied it here for you to see.

It reminded me of a tablecloth I made many years ago. You could make it in any size or any shape.

Just in case you have never made a puff before..... here are two videos to show you how.........

 Here is the link to the file that she mentions in the video...... you page down you will find a graft for your yo-yo designs.

So puff away...................:)

Take care.


  1. Thanks Mary Ann... that young mousie needs a thimble by the way, he keeps emailing me and tells me that he sneaks around when your not looking to use your keyboard... hum.. poor little guy... Mouse labor... although he always seems a happy little guy that I never like to keep him for long on here.
    :-) x x x

  2. Oh Mary Ann, you have met the Suffolk Puff(YOYO) queen!!I have made many, many hundreds over the years, and they can be used for so many things!!I am glad you liked the idea of the purse hanging on a wheelchair.
    Chat soon.
    Thanks for link..I might make that "shabby" pillow with yoyos...Hmmm
    Judy x

  3. I dunno, they just seem like a lot of work. Are they?

    sigh. I have so much fabric. I think I need to start quilting again when the kids go to college.

  4. Gorgeous. What a lovely idea.

  5. That's a cool little project! I wish I could sew!! Alas, hardly even a button I can manage. LOL!

    Happy Friday Mary Ann!
    xo C


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