Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!

I have been away for awhile as I was feeling a bit under the weather.....not fun. I'm feeling much better now:)

I missed my monthly TUSAL post...drat:(

and......I cannot post my Monthly Make yet as it is a teeny doll that I made for a giveaway on my blog A Cloth Doll Maker's Diary.

The winner hasn't received it as yet so I will post a pic once she does.

Here's a wee peek though.....looks like a caterpillar........hee hee......

My friend Rhissanna is having a giveaway over on her blog by the same name............Rhissanna

"I'm giving away a sweet little flowering teabag
(which really does make real tea!)
and a box full of other surprise goodies.
Vintage lace. Wee bunnies
A tiny doll. Little interesting things.
Consider it my Blogoversary treat."

Why not go over and visit and maybe join in the fun:)

Take care.


  1. ooh, I hope you didn't have the nasty flu. YUK! But glad you are back and I expect to see you bouncing all over the place soon, Mary Ann

  2. Glad you are back! Hope you are feeling better though. Sorry you were sick. :(

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning mu giveaway! That's very kind of you. It's all happening tonight!

  4. Nice to see you back. Missed you. Hope you are feeling better. Can't wait to see the doll x


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