Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Blogger Format.....

So I have just changed over to the new format and I had to load on Google Chrome because what I was using (Internet Explorer) wasn't supported by

I have lost my favourites list which I will now have to get technical support (the son) to look at...he uses a Mac and just shakes his head but he will eventually help me if I whinge at lot:) I don't like Google Chrome but I guess I'll get used to it.

So far I am not amused though :(

I tried to load one picture and it kept on reversing and laying on it's this.....

So I thought....aha......I'll edit it so it's laying on it's side and then it will be right side up on Blogger. How cunning is that? It didn't work:(   So then I went back in and put it the right side up and voila!!!!  It is okay now.

But, if I have to do this every time I want to load a picture I may go nuttier than I am already.

Sigh........Wordpress is looking very good right now.


  1. Hi Mary Ann,
    My son put google chrome on my laptop and within 10 days I had dumped it and gone to firefox - I don't like the amount of information they (google) collect about us as individuals, so I spread my data about! Loving the pusskin photo though. ;-)

  2. Mary Ann, go get the Mozilla Firefox browser; it works just fine with Blogger and is much more user friendly than Chrome. Here's the link: I think it is really rotten of Google to try and force us to use their browser in order to use their products. And yep, Wordpress is looking mighty fine right about now! Love your kitty pictures no matter which way they are pointing!! Deb

  3. Cats look good whichever way up they are. My format suddenly changed when I got rid of word verification and now I have awful problems uploading photos. Son is a Mac fanatic and no help. Grandson provides great tech support if I can catch him, he lives a busy lifestyle. Sometimes it's only my stubborness that keeps me blogging.

  4. Hope you get it all sorted. I liked the cat picture either way. Great close up

  5. Oh, criminy. I'm really not looking forward to more changes. I'm not a go-with-the-flow kinda gal. Sigh.

    I have one of those sons too--he's got a Mac AND he's a computer science major--you'd think he'd help me. Nope. :(

  6. Wow...what a beautiful close up of your kitty....

  7. Mary Ann is fantastic. Your blog has me in love since I met him. I live about 10000 km of you! but no matter ... I would love to know Canada, always attracted me to. some day I'll go. To all My followers Tate say a big kiss. And do not hesitate to visit my blog and make them followers. Thanks friends!! A kiss :) Miranda

  8. I had no idea the picture thing was a google chrome thing. I have explorer, firefox and chrome and I use different browsers for different things. Isn't that ridiculous? If I'm working from home I have to use explorer that's the only thing I use it for now a days. I can't use firefox. Funny how I didn't think to blame chrome for my blogger issue. hmm. something to try next post! Thanks!


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