Thursday, April 5, 2012


I switched to Google Chrome as suggested.........I hated it!

So, now I'm back on FireFox. I used to have FireFox on my old laptop and I loved it. I didn't put it on my new laptop because I was just being lazy but I realize that it suits my purposes beautifully:)

So I'm now testing......will I have issues attaching a picture?

No is it because I'm not on Google Chrome or is it because Blogger decided to play nice today? Time will tell:)


  1. I LOVE Google chrome and although I see all kinds of people constantly saying that they're having problems with Blogger; except for the one time (last year I think it was) when EVERYONE's blogs went down when Google was messing with their server - I have never ever had problems with blogger.

    Which leads me to believe these "blogger" problems are actually ISP problems - because how is it that I have magically escaped "blogger" problems over the course of four years and nearly 500 posts?

    Anyway (lol) love your kitty and your blogs - thanks for posting on mine today, I wouldn't have known about your blogs otherwise! Your mice are totally adorable!

  2. I switched to Chrome in the summer when I could no longer comment using Internet explore. I haven't had any problems yet...but I still use IE for everything other than blogger...LOL

  3. LOL, hopefully it's because you have Firefox now and life will be easier! Blogger not play nice?! That never happens :O) I see everyone's followers have disappeared off of their blogs now that Google is trying to shove Google+ down our throats, Wordpress here I come! Deb

  4. Chrome and Firefox are both good IE should be put down it causes sooo many problems. I use chrome at home and Firefox at work. Like Kit I have never had problems with blogger. I think she is right mostly its other things like IE stuffing up blogger.

  5. It's so frustrating when blogger changes things. It always seems to be 'fixing' things that aren't broken. One wonders if they should switch from blogger every once in awhile... what to do what to do...

    Wishing you a stress free weekend Mary Ann! :)
    xo Catherine

  6. I used to complain about Typepad - until I saw how many complaints there were about blogger!

  7. all seems to be working well so far! Pretty kitty too :)

  8. I was on Chrome and like Kit I had no problems. I sent the computer in and the tech says chrome is no good so I'm not on anymore. But I have had some problems and I'll be thinking again. Seems six of one and half a dozen of another. ???


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