Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where have I been?

I was sent an email asking where I am.....I'm here:)...but kinda low key at the moment. I lost a lens from my glasses and had to wait over a week to get my repaired glasses back from the opticians. I had an old pair of glasses I could use but they were not that great so I was squinting at lot...LOL

Needless to say not much crafting or sewing being done.

I can't believe it's September 1st......AUTUMN is almost upon us....and then......I won't mention the W word....cringe:(

We are having a heavy rainfall at the moment. One of the many storms we have had recently. We had one storm on August 24th that was non stop thunder and lightening for over three hours right above our heads...then the rain came...lots of rain. Then the lightening came back again at about 2 a.m. with ball lightening shooting across the sky (it woke me up) was the strangest storm I have seen in a while.  Here's one of many versions of the lightening hitting the CN Tower.....

We also got the tail end of Irene with extreme winds and thankfully not much else. Locally there have been a few tornadoes but that is normal at this time of year. The humidity builds up in August and that is usually the result.

I'm starting an on-line class tomorrow through Doll Street Dreamers called the Bamboo Oracle given by Colleen Babcock, a Canadian doll maker who lives in London, England. You may be familiar with her blog The Magic Bean. I'm really looking forward to that and I'll show you my progress as I complete each section of the course.

I also have two challenges that I am participating in due September 20th that I haven't done a thing on yet...I do my best stuff under pressure:) I also have a paper doll swap with a Marie Antoinette theme.

Sheesh.......I better get busy.

Take care:)


  1. A very impressive lightening display.
    You have some catching up to do now your glasses are fixed.

  2. Well, I've missed you and I'm glad you are back! I can't wait to see your projects now that you have some glasses to see by. :)

  3. That lightening looks scary - glad we weren't there when that hit. Tornados? Is this the place I'm coming to live? Ooooh errrrrr.


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