Thursday, July 14, 2011

What am I doing....

Yesterday I was asked by two different bloggy friends what I was doing at the moment. I guess they asked because I haven't really been posting anything that I have made lately. My quick response was not much.....nothing.

Then I had a think and I realized I was doing some things...... that require a big think and some research and a bit of creativity.

First I'm participating in a challenge at the online doll group I belong to...Cloth Doll Artistry. They have several challenges happening at the moment but so far I'm only doing one of them......
We are going to use a free pattern by Connie McBride Johnson called Faylinn. It should be interesting to see what everyone comes up with :)

Secondly, I'm doing a swap with another doll maker......Kat Lees. We are both going to make "paper dolls" with a Marie Antoinette theme and swap them. Not your everyday run of the mill paper dolls....not these.

So, I'm going to have to come up with a very creative idea because Kat is one super talented lady.

All of this ends in September so until then I have to keep it under wraps.

AND, I'm going to be doing another "paper doll" swap later this year with another super talented lady and bloggy friend ......Judy of Judy's Fabrications.

Make sure you visit her blog because she is such a creative talent.

So I am involved in creative pursuits but I have to keep mum about them for awhile :)

I also found this super cute free doll pattern that I will tell you all about later.

Take care:)


  1. Hi Mary Ann,
    Wow you have a lot going on at the moment! How did you get into doing doll swaps? I think it's an awesome idea

  2. I love making cloth dolls! Nice blog and thank you for joining mine x


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