Saturday, June 11, 2011

I will be away for a bit....

...because I have stuff to do. The most important is trying to get my brothers house ready for resale. I had to enter his space two years ago and put him into assisted medical care. His house is a ruin and we really don't know where to start but start we must.

I'll be back soon:)

Take care.


  1. Hope the house clearance goes well- one room at a time perhaps? Then three categories - dump, keep and charity shop...A hard job - thinking of you.

  2. Hi Mary Ann, good luck with everything i wish i lived closer i would come and help,take care and see you wwhen u return xoxo Lana

  3. good luck! Sounds like a huge job! Would help if I could....

  4. oh, boy....we...well, it turned out to be mostly me..... had to do the same with my Mom years ago .....and was a huge job.

    Sending hugs and some extra strength and patience.....

  5. This can't be easy. I hope you don't get exhausted & overwhelmed by it all x

  6. Yikes. That can certainly be a huge job. I hope you get it done quickly and easily. :) Will miss ya!


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