Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bunny Watch.....

Yesterday my husband found a teeny tiny itty bitty little injured bunny beside our driveway. It looked like it had it's fur stripped off it's backside. Probably it had been hit by a car and dragged at bit. It was hurt but it seemed pretty alert. We think it may be one of the little bunnies that sometimes bop about our back yard. 

Anyway, I gave the little injured bunny a bit of water and we left it there but kept a watch on it. It started eating some grass so we were feeling a bit hopeful that it would be okay. Then some crows showed up and my husband chased them away. Then Mr. MTG decided to move the bunny into our back yard. He gently lifted it with a clean towel and put it in some clover at the back end of the yard. As soon as he put it down it hopped away across the yard and went under our hedge. It sat there for awhile licking it's wounded backside and then off it went. So we know it hadn't broken anything. 

So now I'm on bunny watch hoping that the little thing is okay. Sigh.....silly me :)

I have been trying to take better pictures with my camera as I am useless with anything mechanical. I really need a better light source I think.

I took some pictures of a clothespin doll that I made a while ago. I used to make and sell a lot of them and I've got a few started that I should really finish. She's made of lace and artificial silk flowers and leaves. Her head piece is a whole flower. Putting a face on that small bead is a pain so I'm trying to think of something better. Stayed tuned:) 

Take care.


  1. Hi Mary Ann, awww poor teeny tiny itty bitty little bunny :( i live in the country so i have a lot of nature in my back yard> last week a baby blue jay hopped to my front door not quite ready to fly yet but a good size like you say some larger birds were picking on him so i picked him up and put him the the garage in a box i chopped up some worms and feed him with a tiny spoon and he ate them up he perched up on my finger and sat there like a trained house bird when i pet his little head he would close his eyes. He stayed a few days and them the other day i had the garage door open and he flew out of the box he was hopping around so i put him in a tree and he flew away maybe he will come back for a visit from time to time i called him "boo blue" i hope the little bunny is ok and i hope everything went ok with the cleaning of your brothers home.
    take care my dear ttfn Lana :)

  2. I love these Nature stories.Glad bunny and Boo Blue are fine!!

  3. Sounds like he is gonna be okay. I mean, if he hopped off like that--it is a good sign. I certainly hope so. Nature is tough stuff. And it will break your heart all too often. Let us know how he is doing.

    LOVE the little doll! You are so talented!

  4. So glad you were there to help the bunny! Hope he'll be OK.

    The doll is SO cute!

  5. Me encanta Mary....Felicidades..!!! un beso.
    Marian. Spain


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