Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some News About Doll Designer........Judy Pilgrim-Stewart..........

I received this lovely comment on my post of April 21st regarding Judy Pilgrim-Stewart and her Jenny Dolls that I thought I would share......

Dear Mary Ann,

I grew up in Winnipeg as a young girl in the '70's, and I owned (and still do) a Jenny Doll. For years every christmas and birthday I ordered and received a beautiful victorian style dress or outfit which Judy Pilgrim Stewart designed made by hand in her magical attic. I have a wardrobe of about 15 outfits, it was a great childhood passion of mine, and I am very proud of my collection. I was one of many little girls in Winnipeg in that time who had a Jenny Doll, and collected outfits from Judy. Judy was a wonderful lady, and had incredible taste and flair. All the doll's hats were hand crocheted straw, and she would embroider and knit to scale. She usually made the dolls to look like their owners, but would also make fictional characters like Laura Ingalls and the Little Women sisters.
I still keep in touch with Judy from time to time, as her husband was a teacher at my high school. Judy worked also at the Dugald Historical Costume Museum near Winnipeg. She came back to making Jenny Dolls (named after her daughter) after a long break (my nieces were happy recipients about 5 years ago), but has since quit making them. I have wonderful childhood memories of Judy, an incredible lady with a great passion for craft, design, and history.
Maria L 

Thank you Maria. It was wonderful for you to take the time to comment on my blog and I was so happy to receive this information. 

Take care:)


  1. That was so interesting to read - thank you.

  2. The power of the blog! Great to get an update like that, though a shame to hear the dolls are no longer being made as they sound really special!

  3. Ah, always great to know more. That mouse has missed a stitch by the way :-) xxx

  4. Thank you Mary Ann for sharing that update, so good to know that Judy Pilgrim-Stewart is still with us and that there are collectors of her work out there safekeeping her dolls. Deb


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