Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ann Arbor, Michigan...............

In Ann Arbor, Michigan there are strange and wondrous fairy doors that seem to appear here and there and everywhere in the strangest places.

Isn't that amazing..........I love fairies and this website called Urban Fairies Operations made me smile.

It also made me sad when I read about some the destruction to the doors that has happened.

Anyway, it's a cute site and I'm sure if you have any little ones who like fairies you can look at it with them or maybe you can just look at it by yourself:)

Take care:)


somethingunique said...

Hi Mary Ann, have you had enough of the rain yet? I guess we can be thankful not to have tornado's,hurricanes,sunami's etc... idk i try to look at the glass half full take care! ttfn L:)

John Gray said...

very sweet

Rella said...

Ohhhhhh, I remember reading about these faerie doors......I just love them. I am sad to hear there was vandalism to them. :(

xox Rella

Alisa said...

Love the fairie doors! Thanks for sharing! :)

teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

Hi Mary Ann,

your blog is beautiful, it misses the translator to read, I read with pleasure if you put it.
Compliments for all the beautiful things that you do and the photos.
I embrace you from Venice,



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