Thursday, April 7, 2011

A found treasure.......

In a previous blog I had mentioned that my dad had a second hand book stall in a weekend antique market in Dundas, Ontario. He loved to rummage....... going to auction houses, garage sales, estate name it.  He was particularly drawn by the mystery boxes that sometimes were up for grabs. Buy the contents of a box sight unseen.......that type of thing.

Not all of his mystery box purchases were successful. I remember one box that contained vintage roller skates.....all for the left foot:)

I think he always secretly hoped that he would find some lost treasure of unimaginable value. 

He was also a collector of old photography equipment. He loved black and white photography. I do too.

When I found some Chicago Tonight news footage about an unknown photographer by the name of Vivian Maier and a treasure trove of her work discovered by a young man named John Maloof....... I thought of my dad........Oh my........he would have loved to find something like this:)

Vivian Maier news video

Her images are brutal, invasive, compelling and a whole bunch of other adjectives.......a time capsule. And, best of all....they're in black and white.

John Maloof, who discovered this treasure has a blog if your interested in following his story.......

Vivian Maier - Her Discovered Work

and to see more of Vivian Maier's work that he has posted.


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  1. Joe watches all those shows where guys bid on storage units that were put up for auction. I think guys must like that whole adventure of not knowing what they are bidding on. That would drive me crazy!!


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