Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where's me hands?

See that pile of fabric there......I got that yesterday from Jessica of Sunny Tuesday. She gave it to me because I gave her this. Pretty good trade I think. Thank you Jessica:)

Go here and vote for Licorice Allsorts......please and thank you:)

Take care.


  1. Is her mouse head on backwards????! EEEK!

    I love her dress! WOW. What a ton of work that is!

  2. Where's me hands ...hahahha.... I can definitely hear it in a Yorkshire that is what my Mom had. Miss that, I do....

    Definitely a lot more sewing than I do for my little guys and gals..

  3. I am so liking yor blog. the mice you make are veery sweet.
    can you come visit me? and
    I am choosing to bollow your flog....LOL I mean follow you blog! Ha!
    please follow me....

  4. Mary Ann, sorry.. is wonderful...


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