Friday, March 11, 2011

Making a mess.....

When I'm making something new for the first time I get so involved in the process that I tend to make a mess on my worktable. Sometimes it gets mountainous before I even notice......but I know where everything is because I put it there. Usually I stop and clean it all up only to start again.

Mousie does not approve of this mess. As you can see here, her very disapproving presence makes me cleanup.......


I'm on head number four.....still working on it:)

Take care.


  1. Hey Mary Ann, oh my gosh those mice are so cute. I don't know if u saw the movie "dinner for shmucks" but i think you would get a real kick out of it. Steve Carrell the star of the movie makes mice but his are a little different than yours> thats i will say i think you sould watch it so very funny. how do you like this ontario weather rain,rain,rain SNOW!!! my poor son missed school on wed & thur and was looking forward to today to see his friends b4 March break and the buses were cancelled, we are county bumpkins. i'll talk to you later have a great weekend Mary Ann ttfn Lana :p

  2. Oh i forgot to say about the mess i can totally relate when i am making one of my braclets with all the dangles i make such a mess all over my space but like you say it's an organized mess (of sorts)lol

  3. Sometimes creativeness gets a little messy! But with such wonderful results! :)

    Happy Weekend Mary Ann!
    xo Catherine

  4. Love the fact that you get lost in your art! I approve!

  5. Well I can certainly understand making a mess...but it's worth it! Love the disapproving mouse!!!

  6. I tell myself I will tidy up aftermyself eveery time I finish something. It seldom happens, I think I have just got used to a mess. You make lovely funny mice.

  7. Hi Mary Ann, your mice this one in particular, over the top cute. Now years ago I was looking after a lady who was dying of m.s. and I remember she used to make mice like this...brought back many memories...would love one..


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