Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I need to get out more......

I opened my email this morning and saw that I had received an email from "" regarding a free pattern and tutorial for "Boys Shortalls".

What the heck is a Shortall?.......I googled.........I am enlightened:) As a mother of boys I had no idea and obviously the set of ladies I associate with are not wearing them......not in public any way.

Go here and enjoy......:)

On another topic.

I found this site that has free printables. For anyone doing scrap-booking or collaging they may be useful.

I really liked the Easter ones. They would be nice to put on an Easter gift or basket.


Take care:)


  1. I am now enlightened! I didn't know what a shortall was either!

  2. Need to look at it before I comment :-)
    But no computer today as been messin around in dirt. :-) What ever !
    :-) x x x

  3. Ah, cute kid who wears this.. :-) See I did look :-) xxx

  4. OK, I can go for shortalls on little boys, but I mean LITTLE. After age 32, it's just going to look strange.


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