Thursday, February 3, 2011


I looked out the back window this morning and it was very beautiful. It had snowed again last night and the snow was in perfectly smooth undulating hillocks of little animal footprints yet. The sun light coming through the trees was at a perfect angle and the snow sparkled here and was lovely and ephemeral..... but, I would rather be seeing squishy spring-rain soaked green grass....or even a muddy weed or two.

Yesterday on Groundhog's Day, 3 out of 4 groundhogs did not see their shadow which means that spring is only 6 weeks away.......or, we have 6 weeks left of winter depending on your point of view. I prefer to think spring is almost here.

I love the month of March for some reason. A new beginning...change...nature starts gearing up...I wake up. After a few months of winter hibernation, I'm more inclined to leave my "nest" and venture forth. On a bright sunny March day I can actually sit out on my back porch. The brick wall absorbs the heat and suitably clothed you can sit and enjoy the heat and sun in a little isolated island of warmth...perhaps drinking a nice cup of tea...ahhh:) It's amazing how mentally and emotionally stimulating that is.

On another topic....I have noticed that there are quite a lot of blogs that have free giveaways at certain milestones in their bloggy life. So. I had a think about that and decided I too will have a giveaway. My milestone....I will if I can get 25 followers...I have 3  7 10 15 now :)

Hmmmm.....who can I blackmail, bribe ask to join? It may take some time I think.

Well, I'm off to get some sewing to you later.

p.s. You may have noticed...all three of you wonderful people who visit sometimes...that my blog has been updated again. Last night I discovered how to change the existing new blogger templates back to an older version. As you can see it has made the visual presentation much more cleaner...I like it better.


  1. This certainly has been a winter to remember. There have been years when we have no snow, here in Southern NJ. and I have yearned to see snow.
    Your blog looks lovely.

  2. Hi Mary Ann! I'm a new follower, so that gets you a little bit closer to 25! :)

    Around here March is sometimes a scary time. The winds are whipping and tornados are a possibility. We are getting more snow tonight, ugh. I am ready for spring, too!

    you know I don't think the One World One Heart is closed to new posts, you still have time to join. Just follow the directions and I'll be you'll get new followers that way!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Hi Mary Ann,

    Cute cat! Cute Mice! LOL!
    Added myself as a follower! Just got my new sewing machine so I can't wait to get my photo transfers done by Lovey she has a beautiful blog too. The classes are at Creative Workshops- from Gail at
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    You can still enter OWOH!

    Best Wishes,
    Linda from in cold and snowing ohhhh in Colorado


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