Monday, February 7, 2011

Munday, munday....

Did I tell you that we have our own ground hog?  No, I didn't.  Well, we do:)  He/she showed up in the backyard a few summers ago. Me and the hubby were sitting on the porch having a cup of tea. I noticed what I thought was a squirrel near the fence. When said squirrel turned around I said to the hubby......what is that? At first I thought it was one uber squirrel but then realized it wasn't!!!

It was a groundhog aka woodchuck. We never seem to have a camera with us when he/she shows up...sorry. Next time......from now on I'm keeping my camera close.

This is what a groundhog looks like......

Pictures courtesy of Google Images. Video courtesy of Wikipedia.

Anyway we have not seen hide nor hair of said groundhog lately so if he/she was doing the shadow thing on February 2nd we missed it. Drat!

Deva met the groundhog  last summer while she was sitting under our arbor in the garden. It's one of her favourite resting places. Yes......he/she wandered over to take a look at Deva......Deva hasn't been the same since.

You will notice the new button on my  sidebar....100 Happy Days Challenge. The deal is I am to record 1 thing every day that makes me happy. Click on the button and join in too:)

Day beautiful granddaughter

Take care:)


  1. gracias por tu comentario (thank for your comment) encanta la marmota..qué suerte que visite vuestro jardín...quizá si le poneis comida se adapte a ser uno más de vuestra familia..:D
    feliz dia! (have a great day!! )
    un besito (kiss)

  2. Gracias...for becoming a follower of my blog:)


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