Tuesday, February 8, 2011

100 Happy Days Challenge.....day 2

My happy thing today is mice designed by  Flowermouse Designs.....I love them....aren't they neat?......you must have figured out by now that I like mice:)

The designer is Lone, a Norwegian artist. She uses various materials to make her mice and I think they are so unique.

Her mice can be found at....http://flowermouse.blogspot.com/

(Sorry I haven't figured out how to do the hyperlink thingy yet...oh well. I'm working on it.)

Have a good day:)


Flowermouse Design said...

Thank you so much Mary Ann. I´m so happy about that my work brings out a smile!!!

Hugs from Lone

Laurie said...

Those are very cute mice! To do hyperlinks in blogger, type a word, like 'flowermouse' and then highlight it with your mouse; then, click on the icon in the menu at the top of your post that says, "Link"; when the menu comes up you can put the web address in it. Then click "okay" and the hyperlink will be there.

Mary Ann said...

Oh Thank you Laurie! I knew it had something to do with the link thingy but couldn't quite figure it out:) I'll try it tomorrow:)

Susina's Dream said...

hola Mary Ann!! gracias por tu comentario...me alegra que te gusten mis pequeñas susinas!! además...a mí también me gustan muchísimo los ratones!!!! jeej :D... me encanta tu trabajo..un besito y feliz semana!!

Mary Ann said...

Hola Susy

I love all your little dolls:) Have a good week too! I have some new ideas for my mice that I have been thinking of...stay tuned.

Mary Ann

Gill - That British Woman said...

they are gorgeous,

Gill, now popping over to the site to have a look.....

Mary Ann said...

Hello Gill.

Have fun....:)


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