Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 Happy Days Challenge.....day 9

Hmmmm....did you know there are only two of us bloggers doing this challenge?

Anywho........what can I bore you with today?.........Ermmm?

Did you know that I actually used to like to photocopy stuff at work? Why?

Well, because above the copier was a painting of a lavender field. I loved that painting for some reason. I found it soothing. A field of lavender is beautiful.

Images courtesy of Google
 Images courtesy of Google
I love lavender. We grow it in our backyard. In fact, I think we should plant more. We have a row of lavender planted in front of some David Austin roses.......on a hot summer's day, the combination of the lavender smell and the rose smell is indescribable.
The Lavender Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker
When I was much younger I lived in a small Ontario village of... in those days...about 600 people. My family owned a retail/wholesale fabric store in the centre of the village which was a "social" hub for all the women in the area.

There were always church bazaars or fund raisers of some sort going on at any given time in the village and because of the store etc and because I was good at making things I was always forced into helping with these village endeavours.

Be patient........I'm getting there.

Well...1967 was the Centenial Year in Canada and everyone and their mother was doing something to celebrate the 1867-1967 milestone and of course our village was no exception.

Somehow I got roped into making lavender wands for some fete or other. I made them by the dozen. For weeks after my hands were stained green and I smelled rather strongly of lavender.

Now why was I making said Lavender thingies?..........well I was told by the local lavender wand expert that they were used in the pioneer days in bridal dowry chests to scent the linens and such and,  that it was thought that lavender was also useful for keeping moths away. Well I guess they were useful to keep smells at bay in 1867. About the moths.......that was possibly true as no moths came near me for some time.

Anyway, the wands were a great success but I never made any again until much later in life. I re-discovered the directions to make them in a herb book that I was given. They are very easy to make and are very nice to hang in a clothes closet or to put in a linen cupboard between your sheets.

Here is a picture I found on the internet so you can see what a lavender wand looks like...
and the website where I found the picture is for the Happy Valley Lavender & Herb Farm  where you can find the directions to make lavender wands and a few other nice smelly things:)

Take care.


  1. Oh the lavender wands are sweet, i'm gonna check out your link later, looks like they would make nice little gifts. Love lavender

  2. In a mini version they would be nice to put in party favors for a wedding shower using ribbon in the colors that the bride had chosen for her wedding.

  3. they are lovely!!!

    is the lavender inside? ( I guess I should click on the link, eh?)

  4. Lavender lover your not alone :-) x x x

  5. Tell that mouse to mind the pins :-) x x x


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