Wednesday, February 16, 2011

100 Happy Days 10

Anyone who knows me well will you tell that I love Genealogy. Some will even say I'm addicted to it.

Ok.......I do have a worldwide subscription to Ancestry, a full subscription to Findmypast and on I'm a Rootschat Aristocrat.

I like the research. It makes me happy when I find something and have my eureka moment. 

I have five tree structures on Ancestry but not all of them are mine. I have one tree that has nothing to do with me. It's a tree I set up to trace complete strangers. Why you say?....... well it's a  long story.

 Are you sitting comfortably?..................:) Just kidding.

In the late 60's early 70's my father had a second hand book stall in an weekend antiques market. I often helped him out on Saturday and Sunday. One Saturday,  I was sorting through some books that my dad had just purchased. Inside one of the books was a wedding announcement that was being used as a bookmark.

Here is a scan of the announcement......................

Yes the date is 1883. This scan doesn't show the beautiful gilt edging on the card or the near perfect condition for something that was being used  as a book mark. I've held on to the card all these years just because I couldn't part with it. Silly eh? .

In 2007 myself and some of my Canadian Rootschat friends decided to do some research to see if we could find an existing relative. Someone who may want the card as a bit of family history. I set up a tree on Ancestry to track what we found and also in the hope that some day someone doing their family research might find it:)

Well we did find out a lot about the couple and we even traced a relative which we emailed but we never heard from them. We think the email address may have been old. Who knows.

For my family.......well:)

I have found a few second cousins for my hubby and cousins and second cousins for my side as well. One of my newly discovered second cousins emailed me this last year.......

That's my grandfather outside his shop in Glasgow taken probably before 1923.

This is the old family homestead in Donegal........sadly empty for many years.  My grandfather was born there in 1882.

The internet has made it a very small world.

Take care:)


  1. that is so interesting. I wanted to do some research on my dh's side but basically got know where and gave it up. My cousin found out a lot on my mother's side and my aunt found out a lot on my dad's side.

    One of these days I will attempt to try and find out more about dh's side.

    Interesting post.


  2. It depends how long ago you did your first research. I started about 10 years ago and got nowhere. There is so much more now on the internet. I joined which is a free forum. Great bunch of people and very helpful.

    I'll probably post more in the future as I have a few more stories:)


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