Saturday, February 12, 2011

100 Happy Days 7

Happiness is a quick and easy meal......flat bread pizza.

Once in awhile I go to my favourite Italian bakery and if I'm lucky I can buy one of these........

I say if I'm lucky because they don't stay on the shelf long. They are baked fresh. Sometimes they are still hot from the oven. This one has some herbs and dry tomatoes on it which is very tasty but I'm going to make a pizza with it. I've put this one on a cookie sheet that is about 12 inches by 18 so  you can see the size of the bread.

I spread a thin layer of tomato sauce (not ketchup) over the top. I use canned or bottled spaghetti sauce from the supermarket or leftover home made spaghetti sauce if I have some.

I then gather any pizza type ingredients that I have. This week I had pepperoni, tomato, mushrooms, green pepper, onion and mozzarella cheese. I can't give you exact measurements because it's basically go with what you have on hand.

I cut the green pepper, onion, tomato and mushrooms into thin slices. I grate the mozzarella and I cook the pepperoni.

Yes.... you heard me........I fry the pepperoni very slightly to get rid of some of the oil in the pepperoni.  I only cook it about a minute on each side. I then layer the slices between paper towel to adsorb any further oil.

I layer the ingredients....pepperoni first then the rest in any order. I put lots  of grated mozzarella on top. I then put the flat bread pizza in to a 350F/180C oven for about 10-15 minutes. I'm not cooking the pizza. I'm basically heating it up and melting the cheese.

Voila.......flat bread pizza...easy peasy:)


Have a good day:)

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