Friday, January 28, 2011

WIP Friday....

I love Fridays. I guess it's because when you are out in the working world it's the last day of the week before THE WEEKEND. Now that I'm retired it really shouldn't matter right?...:) Still....I like Fridays.

I'm getting on with the mice. I've stuffed the bodies and sewn them closed. I have also made a decision to change their faces. The original mice that I made had black noses and small black mouths but looking at them now I think they are too monotone and ordinary. I need to spice them up a bit. I'm thinking their noses need to be a softer shade of pink with a gray overtone. I have nothing in my stash of embroidery thread that really talks to me so..... I think I need to go to Micheal's for some colour inspiration:)

I'm not sure yet if the mice are all going to be female or not. I have tons of plain pastel fabric from my mum...leftovers from baby quilts that she made...that I really need to do something with....pretty green, pink, peach and blue.

The mice should be finished by next Friday and I have already decided what unfinished project I will be doing next.

Stay tuned:)

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