Sunday, August 25, 2019

Ribbon Madness.......

.......well not quite. But ribbon fun...yes!

I was a given a gift card for Indigo-Chapters at Christmas time. I finally got around to using it and bought myself "How To Make 100 Ribbon Embellishments". Someone mentioned it on another blog and I thought it looked interesting.

Amazon has pics of the inside of the book if your're interested.
So I tried out an embellishment called "Rosebud Trim". Here it is placed on a CQ square I'm starting. I don't know yet if I'll use it on this block.

My attempt actually looks like the picture in the book....LOL Honest. Maybe not as neat but for a first attempt I'm pretty chuffed. There are some really lovely embellishments. I can see a lot of ribbons in my future.

Take care :)

Friday, August 23, 2019

A Finish.........

My boudoir rag doll is done.The pattern and face template are by Gabriele Cardy.

I wanted to dress her all in black but of course I really didn't have enough of the right weight of fabric All I had was much too heavy for a doll. I made a resolution not to buy any fabric this year as I have lots. So I really looked hard at my stash and I did manage to find a couple of small bits. For her blouse I ended up using a piece of silk skirt lining that I had. Her skirt is a small bit of fine man made linen.

I made her bodice by using a strip of my lining fabric, hemming the edge and then gathering it. Worked great and showed her cleavage which to me is an intrinsic part of this boudoir doll.
I used the sleeve pattern from the book and one of the two skirt patterns offered. It was supposed to be four panels but I only had enough fabric to make it two. Oh well. Typical.

I painted the boot part black with some black paint that I bought totally by accident. I was in a rush one day and picked up what I thought was black acrylic paint. Ha! It was gloss enamel. Serendipity I guess. I've since used it a few times to make "leather" looking shoes/boots.

Next she needed a big hat. I used the pattern in the book and embellished it with lace and ribbon. I also added a wee bit of black marabou. Voila!

I was going to call her the Winsome Widow of Whiskey Wells. But I think she would rather be called Rose Marie. She has a whole background story in my imagination. She definitely is "The Widow" with a mysterious past looking for a new husband no doubt.

Take care :)