Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 15th and a New Moon and.....

...time once again for A Totally Useless Stitch A Long  hosted by Sharon at It"s Daffycat. Use this link or click on this pic on my right hand sidebar to find out what's it's all about.

Here is my ORTS jar not quite as full as last time. I did a bit of housecleaning and threw away...yes...threw away some of the orts. It was a very traumatic thing to do but it was for the best.

What is an ORT you ask?

It's an Old Ragged Thread. They are all the end bits of embroidery thread that I keep just in case.

I've decided to use some of them on a piece of fabric to try out stitches. I was toying with idea of doing the One Year of Stitches thingy but decided to do my own thing. Actually it's quite nice just to randomly stitch something that's not structured. Just wandering about on a bit of cloth stitching until you run out of thread and then pick out another bit and keep going.

I've been trying my hand again at Crazy Quilting which of course means more orts. So it goes.

The ORT jar is very handy for propping stuff when you need to take a picture:)

The fabric is a very thin Japanese cotton in shades of tan, brown, grey with black here and there. It's lovely fine cotton fabric that I bought years ago at a quilt/craft show. Each piece is 10 inches by 23 inches so not a fat quarter. I have no idea what it would be called in quilting terminology.

I'm also redoing the first panel in the Pamela Kellogg's "Never Ending Sampler Stitch Along".  Here's the link if you're interested. I had done the first panel but decided I wanted to do all of them using the same fabric.

I discovered another sampler stitch along just by accident when Googling for something or other. It's hosted by Linen & Things. Here is the link for the 2017 and the beginning of the 2018 sampler here. 

It's been the coldest winter ever and maybe the snowiest in quite a few years. Perfect weather though for staying warm indoors and doing a bit of stitching. Well that's it from me. I hope you are all keeping well.

Take care:) 


  1. Finally! A good use for the ORT jar (that of a prop!). Good that you've found a use for some of the threads too. Mine were always too short to be able to use for anything.

  2. I once tried to save my orts, but like MA mine are as short as they can be. I have been stitching a Boro Style on a jacket and it's a perfect way to use left over threads. I thought I would do TAST, but I have a difficult time stitching unless there is a planned end purpose. Random is ok, but I have to have the stitching be for a purpose. I'm weird.
    xx, Carol

  3. I just bought fabric to work on a couple of quilts. I have a stash, but I needed fresh inspiration to kick it off. It's such a good time of year for handcrafts. I like the idea of random needlework--good practice and a cool result!

  4. Mary Ann - The threads I threw out were all single strands or too short. No idea why I kept them. Just habit I guess.

    Carol - I had to Google Boro style. Interesting. I think those Japanese fabrics I'm using are for that type of work. The alternate colour choice to the brown bundle was blue. The fabrics remind me of old men's shirts for some reason :) Gently used fabrics.

    Lin- I'm really enjoying the random work. I'm like Carol in that I usually need a purpose when I do stitching so it's liberating to just doodle with thread. Plus I'm such a perfectionist when I do CQ that I pick out many times. Doodling means you are allowed to make mistakes and just ignore them.

  5. Love the fabrics in your crazy quilt piece and your embroidery on both pieces are great. I pull out threads from my orts every once in a while and just stitch a few stitches till its gone I am doing 1 year of Stitches and TAST this year along with the Crazy Quilt journal so lots of orts to use up.

    Oh the Facebook group is TUSAL link is

  6. Thank you very much Deb. Boy you'll be busy but it's all fun. Thanks too for the TUSAL FB link.

  7. Pretty ORTs! I love your random stitch...looks a little like sea corals, so pretty!

  8. Thank you Daffycat:) You're right it does look sea corals.


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