Wednesday, January 31, 2018

English Paper Piecing.....

About seven years ago I joined the Fat Quarter Bargains Club at a local quilt shop called Sew Sisters. Each month 10 fat quarters were mailed to me. It was a great deal but after awhile I had a LOT of fat quarters....LOL I had to quit while I still had room for them all. I have no idea why I joined as I never intended to make a full size quilt. Fabric junkie I guess and it was such an easy way to shop for small amounts of fabric for dolls and crazy quilting.

There were a few sets that I wasn't really in love with though. There was one batch that I decided to use to make hexies. For what I don't know. No real plan. Just to use up the fabric I guess.

Then recently I was looking for something to get me started back into hand sewing again. I found the hexies and I put them together and made a table runner. I've never made anything like this before so it was a learning experience.

I'm not a quilter so I struggled with what to put where. I only had a limited number of hexies and options for pattern and colour. I even asked the husband what he thought. Then along came my son who also offered his opinion. In the end this was the result...all hand sewn. I think I like how it turned out. I'm getting used to it. Blue is not a colour I choose to use very often. The dark blue and the pale green don't really work that well together but hey I used up the fabric and made something. Best of all I'm sewing again.

The fabric is called "Heard it on the Grapevine".

It looks like there were a couple of colour versions of it. I think the one I used is called Summer Breeze. It's by Sue Beevers for Northcott Fabrics.  You'll see on her website that not all of the collection is still available. I much prefer the Autumn Warmth version but then greens, rusts and browns are my favourites.

I'm adding this post to the WIP Wednesday Link-Up at the Needle and Thread Network as I haven't  done that in a while. I hope you pop over and visit.

Take care:)


  1. I actually ordered some fabric the other day to start sewing again. I need to work through my stash and use it up...or get rid of it. We like to collect it...but not use it. What is with that??!

  2. Great work- and a nice re-introduction to hand sewing. Nice to see you around again. xx

  3. Lin #1 I didn't get an email notice for your post. No idea why? I have so much fabric that it's ridiculous. I have really downsized my stash by giving it away to a charity. They were happy to take it so it went to a good cause. Otherwise I have no idea what I'd do with it all...eeek!

  4. Glad to see you post!! Hand stitching has become an addiction for me. I have a collection of hexies that I add to occasionally, but have not sewn any together. I don't really like the "flowers" most put together. But i saw a gal on FB making hexies that the grouped by color that gently progressed to another color. hard to describe, but it was the most beautiful hexie quilt (still in progress) that I have ever seen. I must be feeling that hexies are again in my close future. I punch the papers from those cards that are in the middle of magazines using a scrapbook punch. Lately I have been collecting those cards.
    xx, Carol

  5. Beautiful table runner, this is lovely work so you must make more. I have a load of fabric stash too from years and years ago, really must try and use it up or join some sort of stash swap - I get tired of seeing the same fabrics.

  6. I have often thought of doing a hexxie project (beyond my 'Courtship' CQ, that is) but have never acted upon it. Just like I think about making a Log Cabin quilt. All I do is think, because I know it would mean I'd have to do a fair amount of stash enhancement and I just don't have room. It's bad enough that I'm not working on accumulating fabrics suitable for my barns!! ps. I like the arrangement you did for your runner (and the fabrics).


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