Saturday, December 31, 2016

To a Happy New Year......

Usually at this time of year I have a look back to see what I made over the year. Not much was done in 2016 due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control.

Lots of hexagons were made and some more Wellie Wisher outfits to give my granddaughter for Christmas....sorry I didn't take any pics. Also I made some wee shoes....two pairs for Christmas.

And, my last creations for 2016 that I made this week.........two more pairs of shoes. They are a bit fiddly to make but turn out so cute:)

They are to go with two of the Christmas outfits. The little ribbon tab on the back is to help little hands put the shoes on. Works perfectly. I didn't even have to show her how. She very seriously told me that she knew how to put shoes on....LOL

I'd like to wish you all a Happy Hogmanay.....and a Very Happy New Year in 2017......all the best in the new year to come.

Take care:)


  1. I've noticed a number of bloggers are doing a 'look back' post - interesting to see, but not something I thought of doing myself. Love your wee shoes! Happy 2017 to you - hope it's healthy, happy, and filled with love.

  2. Yes, lots of bloggers ARE doing look back posts. Fortunately I have adjusted my process to look forward right now because I am so glad 2016 has past...personally, politically and philosophically.

    Cute little slippers. Little ones always want to appear so independent, don't they!!

    I am wishing you, what I am hoping for myself. A peaceful 2017 filled with inspiration and ambition to complete new and creative projects. Good of my list right now. And LOTS of LOVE. LOTS.
    Happy New Year
    xx, Carol

  3. Happy New Year!

    I didn't have time to do a retrospective this year--I was too busy having fun over the holidays. I'm such a slacker. Oh well...

    Here's to great things in 2017!

  4. Why oh why don't I get an email when Carol and Lin leave comments :(


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