Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Morris Hexathon ....Block 22

Another block for the Morris Hexathon.

22. Hyde Park

The next block is going to be interesting. It's all curves.

Plus, another little dress I made for my granddaughter's Welliewisher doll. The colour doesn't really show in the pic. It's a lovely cornflower blue:)

Take care:)


  1. This block is beautiful. I really love the color combination and the fabric print.
    Lovely work on the doll dress too.

  2. The blocks you are doing are gorgeous. You are certainly spoiling your granddaughter's doll with a beautiful wardrobe!! Don't you love to see little kids play with traditional toys rather than digital! Your contributions to a lovely wardrobe certain promotes it.
    xx, Carol

  3. Mmmm nice colours and another great block. I struggled with #23 and I only did the alternative! Made a horrible mess of the middle too. What a pretty little dress - the hearts are just perfect as decoration. xx

  4. Love the colours of this latest block and pretty dolls dress.

  5. The block is stunning and the dress is beautifully done.

  6. Great block. I wish I still had some of that fabric in my stash but I used it as soon as I got it.

    The dress is cute and the tiny hearts really set it off nicely.


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