Thursday, January 21, 2016

Working on a WIP....

I started a doll last year called Lady Anise from a class I took with Angela Jareki. I love her dolls as the costuming is always unique. This is what the doll should end up looking like.....

Source of picture.

Source of Picture
I tried several different types of fabric in various combinations but in the end I just didn't like the outcome. I really didn't like how the back of the skirt hung. It annoyed me.

I guess it's okay not to like someone's concept. But I really really like the look of this doll. I tried to recut the skirt in various ways. I finally decided to give that up as a lost cause and a waste of fabric.

I did make her another type of skirt way back in September. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not as it scrunched out in a strange way as she is designed to be a sitting doll. Work on her ground to a big stop.

She has been sitting around headless and arm less for months now. 

I want to finish her as I think she will turn out to be quite special if I get my act together.

I have started work on her blouse and here she is modeling it. It needs a bit of adjustment but I won't do that until I put her arms on. sewing room looks very messy in the picture. I must tidy up a bit:)
So next the arms, a refit of the blouse and then her jacket which is cut and ready to sew:)

Is it just me or does Elsa look embarrassed about the whole thing?

Take care:)


  1. I was looking back on my blog the other day on my earlier yrs and got the sudden urge to make a doll again. Nothing on your atistic scale mind. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Ah - doll making. I miss them! I don't have room for any more though, so will have to admire yours from afar.

  3. Elsa is all " you see that SHE doesn't have a head???" Tsk. Tsk. Mean girls in the sewing room.

    The skirt looks almost...stiff. I wonder if that makes a difference as to how it lays?

  4. Isn't if funny what makes us stop working on a project. Quite often, when we come back to it, things have worked out. I am looking forward to seeing her finished now.

  5. Luv those long skinny legs and feet! Its gonna be lcverly!

  6. Can't wait to see her finished Mary Ann, she is going to be beautiful! And I think Elsa is just jealous that Anise is getting a new wardrobe! Deb xo

  7. I think Elsa is just happy that her gown is blue!! I remember that you took this class. Doesn't it just tick you off when you can't make what you envision! I was wondering if you were taking the newest class. I love that doll almost as much as the Traveler. I would love to be able to buy the patterns without taking the class.

    I'm sure you'll work this dress thing out.
    xx, Carol

  8. Love this photo of the dolls and your sewing room. Costuming a doll can be fun but oh so difficult at the same time. I think your class doll is coming along nicely and I'm sure you'll figure out a solution for the backside.

  9. The Lady Anise is really a wonderful doll, what very unusual colours to put together, I would never have even thought of such a combination and they are just perfect.


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