Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st....Eeeek!!!

I cannot believe it's September already. Is it just me or has this summer flown past so quickly that I missed it?

Aw well....here is a bit of summer:)

My husband took some pictures of the hummingbirds that visit our trumpet vine. Almost impossible as they move so fast. The flowers are full of nectar which the hummingbirds can't resist.

I thought this one was interesting as you can see it's feet so they actually do land on some of the flowers though it's hard to tell just watching them.

Tail up coming in for a landing...so cute:) Look how fast it's wings are going. You can barely see them

The dead flowers are the ones that the hummingbirds took nectar from the day before. Trumpet vines are difficult to get started and it takes about seven years before a newly planted vine flowers but once it does it goes crazy. This one reaches it's full flowering season by mid June and continues to blossom prolifically during the warm weather. I can't remember when we planted this one but I think it's at least 20 years old.

Take care:)


  1. Sept. 1st - eek indeed. Marvelous photos btw - hummers are such amazing little creatures and so very hard to photograph.

  2. Aren't they adorable?! I love my hummers....flitting around here and there...enjoying the last of the summer flowers. I imagine they will be leaving soon. :(

  3. I think that is what I planted this spring. hmm, I have a while to wait! :)

  4. Hello Sandra - brilliant pictures. Love your yellow flowers - our trumpet vine is brilliant orange! xx

  5. Love the hummingbird pics, they are so well camouflaged I had to look twice to find the birds. I am pleased to say goodbye to winter and put my cardigans away.

  6. We are having a lot of hummers visit right now. My trumpet vine is about 4 years old and just really starting to take off. As I look around the garden, most of my flowers are trumpet shaped...Rose of Sharon, Hosta, Morning glory, Lily and the big pot of geranium that I put on the front deck because I love to watch the Hummers feed there.

    It IS hard to believe it's September already. We had a short rainy Summer. Hot and humid for the next 7 days then rain and 70. There just has been very few sunny days in the 80's. Very disappointing.

    Love your Hummer pics.
    xx, Carol

  7. hahha ... look at them getting right inside the flower! that's great.....

  8. Wonderful photos Mary Ann, our hummers flew the coop nearly a month ago now, I do miss them so much. And I hear you on how quickly this summer has gone, it's not fair!


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